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Litecoin Lisa:Oklahoma’s 2019 Woman of the Year

May 26, 2019 Off By Crypto Mentor

Earlier this year, while travelling on my fourth Crypto Road Trip to help spread cryptocurrency awareness and mass adoption, I met an extraordinary woman name Litecoin Lisa. She reached out to me and asked to interview me on her YouTube channel. I jumped at the opportunity to talk about cryptocurrency and my Crypto Road Trip.  Little did I know that I would be given a rare opportunity into Lisa’s journey with foster care, adoption and her precious baby named Mia. 

As it turned out, learning about Lisa’s story ended up being way more interesting than my Crypto Road Trip. Let me explain. I want to give you as many details as I can!

Our interview was conducted on Skype and before we started recording the interview, I learned that Litecoin Lisa had a compelling story that I wanted to share with the crypto community someday. My hope is that Lisa’s story will be an example to all of us how we can change the world by influencing one person at a time. Lisa has a story that is full of compassion, love and faith.

In some ways, her story sounds like it was taken from a Hollywood movie script. A small part of Lisa’s story is about her most recent accomplishment was being voted “The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Oklahoma Chapter 2019 Woman of the Year.” A much larger part of Lisa’s story centers around her adopted daughter named Mia. This is where the real story begins! 

This article is giving you only a small snapshot into Lisa’s life, her struggles, her victories and her desire to love. There is so much I want to communicate to you about Mia’s life. Unfortunately, to fully describe Mia’s journey would take more than this simple article of 693 words. 

The paragraph below is a short summary taken from a recent Press Release that describes only part of Lisa’s journey with her daughter Mia. 

“The 2019 Woman of the Year, Lisa Davis is the Owner of Mighty Siren Marketing and founded OK Foster Wishes. After her youngest daughter, “Mighty Mia,” was diagnosed with lymphoma in May of 2017, Mia was treated with Rituxan, a drug funded primarily by LLS, which allowed her to have the summer with her family before passing in August of 2017. Lisa joined the campaign this year to honor Mighty Mia’s memory and to celebrate her life by raising funds for cancer research.”

This brief summary from the Press Release is only scratching the surface of the depth of Lisa and Mia’s story. I want to honor Mia and Lisa, and hopefully this short article will be a testimony of love and perseverance. 

Another layer to Lisa’s story has to do with Mia’s heart. She was born with only half of a fully developed heart. She needed a heart transplant immediately. Lisa wrote a blog about this. Please click on this link to read more about Mia’s story and Lisa’s leap of faith.

Lisa was interviewed last year and she goes into more detail about Foster Care and Adoption. I would highly encourage you to view this video and share with your friends and family who might benefit from Lisa’s journey.

I recently asked Lisa the following question, “What would you like people to know about Mia?”

Lisa’s response was, “God doesn’t have grandchildren. She belonged to Him from the beginning. Because of Mia, I’ve learned that none of my children (biological or adopted) are mine to start with.

It was an honor to be chosen by God to walk beside her for however long He saw fit. I was still her mother until she was 7 and a half years old. We don’t own our children and every moment we share with them is precious.”

I’m so glad that Lisa reached out to me during my Crypto Road Trip and asked me for an interview. It was through this simple interview that I got to know more about Mia. Lisa and Mia are special people. Wouldn’t you agree?

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