Online Course on Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

By Steven Anderson May 31, 2019 Off

An Irish University has recently partnered with ICT skill net to create the first blockchain technology based Master’s program.

Online course on blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency has been rolled out by the US Ivy League University.

A press release, which was published on May 30, 2019.  This new program is offered under the category Fintech and is known as Foundations and Applications of Financial Technologies.

Lectures and case studies have been provided on topics like cryptocurrency, payments, crowdfunding, and blockchain technology.

Other than for university lectures, the online course features people from leading companies like Vanguard an investment advisory firm, CommonBond, a marketplace lender, and Square a payment processor.

This program, according to the Director, has been launched as a part of their multifaceted approach to Fintech education.

Wharton has recently formed the Stevens Center for Innovation in Finance to facilitate innovation in Finance.  The purpose is to research Financial Technologies.

The National University of Columbia recently reported establishing an infrastructure which, “broadens the scientific landscape of regionally and nationally governed blockchain networks to become the first truly globally maintained decentralized network by scientists for science.”

Crypto-currency education is becoming increasingly important.  People are not able to accept Bitcoin as an ideal alternative to USD.  In a recent survey, one of the respondents stated: “I’d take the dollar because I know its value and it’s not going to change. It [the dollar] doesn’t depend on what other people do.”

The response is an indication of the lack of understanding of the macroeconomics.  Ever since the mining of the Bitcoin, the dollar has lost nearly 15% of its value without any account towards the 2% inflation set by the Federal Reserve.

However, BTC in the process has improved from being an obscure “Internet Money” to something worth more than $8000.  Also during December 2017, the price of Bitcoin went as high as $20,000.

The BTC has, therefore outperformed the dollar.  The purchasing power of Bitcoin is more when compared to its value in 2009.

There was yet another participant who stated, “If I were to invest, I’d invest in something other than Bitcoin.”

The attitude of several people read like “Isn’t Bitcoin like a guy in a cave in Antartica? Doesn’t he run that [Bitcoin]?” However, this is due to their illiteracy.  The BTC illiteracy spectrum can be eradicated only with appropriate cryptocurrency education and by improving the knowledge of the emerging digital landscape in the cryptocurrency space.