Omenics to enlist TCAT news to help crypto investors make informed decisions

By Sydney Ifergan June 2, 2019 0

Top cryptocurrency data analytics platform Omenics will include TCAT news in its portal. TCAT is a path-breaking crypto token dedicated to help crypto investors with the most authentic and impartial crypto news.

Leading cryptocurrency data analytics platform Omenics has announced to include TCAT  news in its platform. The portal is aimed to support crypto investors and traders with the most educated decision so that they enjoy the most fulfilling experience in the crypto scene. TCAT is one of the most promising crypto tokens by top crypto news platform TCA (The Currency Analytics).

“We are driven by the mission to present the best curated crypto news to our crypto investors and traders. We stress on authentic news contents that will help our investors and traders to bypass costly mistakes and make the most informed decisions. And thus, TCAT is a natural choice. We believe in its ethos and we respect its endeavor to come up with the most genuine news in the crypto world”, stated a leading spokesperson from Omenics.

The very idea behind Omenics is inspired by the challenges faced by the founders themselves in their early days in the crypto industry. When they first started to invest in the crypto space, they soon found out about fake news and inaccurate market reports circulating in the crypto scene. It motivated them to build a powerful crypto-based data analytics platform that can extract reliable insights from market noise. And thus , Omenics was formed.

Speaking further, the spokesperson noted about their faith in TCAT’s state  of the art REAL protocol. Launched by TCA, TCAT is released with the mission to replace fake news circulating the crypto world with the most authentic news, penned by dedicated journalists. To realize that vision, the token counts on REAL protocol-

  • Real authentic news only based on observed facts
  • Ethical news reports written by professional and neutral journalists
  • Attributive news where reports are thoroughly verified before publishing
  • Lasting news reports that can make positive contributions to the entire crypto community at large

“We are extremely honored to have our TCAT news enlisted by Omenics. We always stand for genuine news to help crypto investors bypass flawed decisions and come up with the most informed decisions that will be worth their investments. We admire Omenics’ mission to support crypto investors with most judicious decisions and it’s a huge thing to be able to be a part of such noble endeavors”, added in Sydney Ifergan, leading crypto guru and founder of TCA.

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