Local.Bitcoin.com finally opens for general public

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Great news for BCH users. Local.Bitcoin.com has officially opened its doors for general public. Currently, anybody, from anywhere across the globe, will be able to use the website for trading BCH (Bitcoin Cash) securely.  Before the formal launch this month, the site had a pre-launch last month that witnessed thousands of sign ups by interested traders. At present, the site boasts 2,200+ active users all set to go.

P2P BCH trading

Local.Bitcoin.com is launched by Bitcoin.com and it represents a new-age P2P private trading portal, especially for Bitcoin Cash community. As per Sydney Ifergan , a crypto market expert and founder of TCAT, BCH is key to gain economic freedom for all global citizens. Akin to many other crypto gurus, he too believes that BCH holds the power to liberate people from restrains of present manipulated economies that have been imposed on us.

Unlike, government-issued fiat, the BCH network stands for a P2P decentralized electronic cash concept which is borderless and can assure a new kind of monetary renaissance for the world. As per Bitcoin.com, this OTC BCH marketplace was launched on 4th of June, in memoriam of the historic protests at Tianamen Square.

Ever since it’s pre-launch, Local.Bitcoin.com has received a long line of interests from crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Till now, the BCH marketplace has witnessed around 3,118 offers, 7,680 signups and 2,200+ active offers. Maximum signups have come from the United States, Nigeria, Indonesia, India & the Philippines.

Interests have also come from Canada, the U.K., Venezuela, Russia and Zimbabwe. At present, 37.8 percent traders have plans to swap with USD. Local.Bitcoin.com users can choose from a wide variety of payment methods. The topmost of it is through bank transfer. However, the next most popular option is cash trades in-person. Other eligible methods are PayPal, cash deposit, Western Union, gift cards, Moneygram, Skrill as well as Venmo.

Fast & easy sign-up

It’s easy, simple and quick to sign-up with Local.Bitcoin.com. For those looking to start with the website’s private OTC exchange, will have to create a unique password and username. On doing that, the system would generate am offline private key. Local.Bitcoin.com has assured to encrypt every user detail with AES256-CBC to PBKDF2-stretched mode of user’s password. This is to ensure nobody from the company will get access to user’s wallet in Local.Bitcoin.com. The whole process would be completely noncustodial.

As Local.Bitcoin.com market is now official open, users will be able to create offers, trade as well as browse listing of active trades.

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