Full-Blown FOMO not Experienced in the Cryptocurrency Market

By dan saada June 10, 2019 Off
bitcoin fomo

A Mass FOMO is expected if Bitcoin would touch $10,000.  The Bitcoin bull has not started even barely.  The cryptocurrency market is materializing on the “Fear of Missing Out.”

Tom Lee stated that according to Fundstrat’s “Degree of FOMO” scale, the Bitcoin market is currently experiencing a “Level 5” FOMO.

Investors have not yet experienced a full-blown FOMO with a reading “Level of 10.”  While it is not clear about the parameters considered in making this decision, it is commonly known that they mostly make use of the “Bitcoin Misery Index” to cover for their overall investor sentiment.  The market’s overall direction is taken into consideration.

When Bitcoin touches upon “Level 10,” it is expected the FOMO will grace the market.  The sooner the level is reached, it is likely to influence people who talked of Bitcoin being dead forever.

It is expected for hell to break loose when the market breaches the $10,000 level.  A “fast and furious” move to $20,000 is as well planned.  And, there are predictions about a jaw-dropping $40,000 move.

While 40,000 seems a long mile away, it is expected for the block reduction to provide for a fair valuation of $55,000.  The inflation rate can be used to arrive at the “fair valuation.”

Bitcoin has an SF ratio or 25, thereby providing for an inflation rate of 4%.  The sooner the halving comes into place, the proportion of Bitcoin is expected to improve to 50, which is past the approach of gold.  This calculation is considering the lower inflation rate when compared to several fiat currencies.

There has been a decent linear relationship between SF and a market valuation about an asset on the ground of plan A; plan B states that Bitcoin will be valued at $1 trillion provided each coin gets a price of $55,000.

The idea of $55,000 appears irrational for the most part; Plan B has to state that the money from gold, silver, and several other negative interest rate economies will help control-rife and an authoritarian quantitative easing hedge.  Ultimately, institutional investors will flood into this space.

The current projection is like wild speculation; however, the idea of $40,000 will be just the tip of the iceberg. Several of them have looked at $250,000 or even $333, 000 as a long term price target, and this means that we have not seen enough of what it has to offer. So, we are headed straight towards the FOMO.