ETH and XRP Are Currently Heading Towards Price Recovery

By Steven Anderson June 11, 2019 Off
XRP Ethereum

It has been a lot of struggle for Bitcoin to cross the $8000 mark.  ETH had been showing a steady price decline of 227.45 USD.

The price of XRP tumbled after breaking support at 0.38 USD.  The price of Ripple dropped down to 0.37 USD after it started its price recovery.  The price trend reached a price point at 0.39 USD.  Over the past day, there has been a price decline of 5%.  There has been a similar bearish trend for ETH.

ETH and XRP are currently heading towards price recovery.  XRP might see resistance at 0.41 USD if the price surges.  ETH might as well surge considering its price path and also its resistance at 244.90 USD.

The overall attitude when it comes to exploring a potentially new coin has been explained thus:  “…one of the biggest barriers preventing people from exploring a new digital asset was a lack of knowledge about that asset. Many of the people we surveyed expressed a strong desire to begin learning about new and different crypto assets beyond Bitcoin, but didn’t know where to begin.”

The known areas of buying, voting, mining, and staking have been analyzed to contribute to potential areas of growth in areas of cryptocurrency activity.

The voting structure of EOS has been promoting centralization.  The popularity of EOSIO has been improving in popularity in the past year.  The trustworthiness and network security can become an issue as there is a problem of increased geographical centralization.  However, the EOS voting structure encourages centralization.

The global information network continues to spread information concerning cryptocurrency.  Discussions about cryptocurrency improve the interest in cryptocurrency and also adds to the actual price and value of the token discussed.

While not all cryptocurrencies are equal, there are those bad actors who land up exploiting the differences.  Not every post or comment about Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero triggers a discussion though.

Ripple has launched a Brazilian office, and it is focused on expanding across Latin America.  Ripple is all set to launch major educational and training programs.  They will be collaborating with major universities in Brazil. Thus, research in the field will expand, and career opportunities in the region will grow.

Early this month there was a report that talked about state-owned Brazil’s National Bank for Economic and Social Development to have funded a documentary firm through the BNDES token.  The technical picture for Ripple might gain traction with a lot of work happening around the coin.  However, it is now towards a bearish aim.