Stellar Lumens Continues With the Best and Less Volatile Set Up For Traders

Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson June 13, 2019 Off
stellar lumens

While the long term technical indicators have to signal that the bullish sentiment will not simply last for XLM, Stellar Lumens is heading towards a new resistance level at $0.13.  There was a tumble followed by correction at the $0.121 and $0.123 resistance levels.

The price of Stellar Lumens continues to rise, and it is not clear as to whether the coin will reach the height of $0.13 by the end of this month.  The token is continuing to struggle in terms of popularity. Several variables are playing a role here.

On the non-technical side of XLM, it can well be seen that in the process of forming a new support and resistance level, the significant support level currently trends at $0.124 and the resistance is seen somewhere in the $0.120 mark.

The validators of Stellar Lumens have voted for a protocol 11 upgrade. Jed McCaleb, Co-founder of Stellar Lumens tweeted recently confirming the news and advised that the users should upgrade before they can run or use a node on the SDK.

Stellar is slowly transiting to a new era of its own, and they are attracting more numbers of users into their protocol.  It is expected that the Protocol 11 will keep their network safe. It will take time for the people to upgrade to the Protocol 11.  The market is recently in a slight dip.

The return on investment on the value of Stellar Lumens is 4003.09%; it holds the 10th rank in the market.  Traders are hoping that the price of Stellar Lumens will not hit rock bottom.

Stellar has been doing well in short-term trading and the traders who are following the trend in one year from now well know that XLM should have buckled its way up.  It is an expectation that when the supplies increases, the price of XLM might increase.  The platform of Stellar Lumens is neat and nicely done.

The market has been consistently discussing why this token has not been getting all the attention that it deserves.  Several cryptos which came into existence after Stellar like the TCAT tokens are making a consistent advancement and are gaining improved recognition.

Weiss Ratings recently questioned why Stellar was not getting as much attention as it deserves, and most of the followers opine that it was probably due to weak marketing. However, there is a consistent interest in XLM by traders who are interested in short-term profit making.