A credit card program may enable crypto payments for all expenses

By Pankaj K June 15, 2019 Off
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Cryptocurrency undoubtedly assures a promising investment portfolio, especially due to its powerful returns. However, the traditional financial world is yet to embrace the crypto industry as a whole. Crypto payments are being accepted in some places today but the options are few and far. A major problem for any crypto trader is that he can’t use his cryptos for all his expenses. Some large-scale establishments like major hotels have started accepting crypto payments- but you can’t expect the same with your supermarket stores. Put simply, crypto is yet to be your everyday go-to payment mode.

Credit card program could be handy

A credit card program could ease the issue to some extent here.

Credit cards and cryptocurrency may seem to be two discrete notions but one rising crypto exchange has introduced credit card into its crypto world. The name of the crypto exchange is “DeCoin” and its native token is DTEP. This global crypto exchange is the first one to come up with an innovative credit card program in the crypto industry.

How does the credit card program work?

DeCoin is the first company to create wallets which assure users the convenience of spending money “wherever” and “whenever” they wish to. The credit program offers DeCoin users easy access to crypto assets. The DeCoin exchange is engineered to process trades and convert crypto investments right into fiat currency, say USD.

Now, that converted fiat money would be transferred to a user’s unique DeCoin credit card. After that, you will be able to use the crypto credit card just like your regular fiat money credit cards. Put simply, this credit card program will enable you to utilize your crypto assets for your daily expenses- including places that don’t accept crypto payments. It’s because, when you use this credit card to pay your bills, you are giving the stores the traditional fiat money. The only difference with your regular credit card is that, in DeCoin’s crypto you have crypto-converted fiat. It also assures a more meaningful utilization of your crypto assets.

The credit card program will offer cash back opportunities to card holders. Additionally, the card holders will receive discounts in scheduled stores or other commercial venues.

The DeCoin credit card program includes 5 kinds of credit cards for users to choose from, as per their budget. The  minimum investment amount is $2,000 and the cost may vary from $30 to $50. The profit cash out is 00% for all the cards.

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