Gen-Z Are the Perfect Generation to Whom New Technologies like Cryptocurrencies

By dan saada July 11, 2019 Off
Gen Z

Those who are in the age ranges of 23 to 38 are known as millennials.  Those in the age range 13 to 21 are Gen-Z.    The opinion of Gen-Z varies concerning how things might turn out to be with the passing of time.

The Bitcoin crash in 2018 has triggered a lot of negative impression in Gen Z about Bitcoin.  This does not mean that they will not be investing in the Bitcoin.  Since they are an interactive generation, it might be possible for them to trust the marketing messages they receive on their mobile apps.  Therefore, the Gen-Z are the perfect generation to whom new technologies like cryptocurrencies can be marketed to.

The optimism of the cryptocurrency market continues to grow.  Several major Altcoins were losing their grounds today. Most of them other than the Bitcoin were nursing losses.  The losses ranged anywhere from 1.4% (XRP) to 6% (Cosmos).  The market share of Bitcoin jumped to 64.9%, thereby refreshing a multi-month high.

Terry Angelos, who is currently leading the Visa’s effort in Fintech, stated, it “is building the foundation to support an array of new financial services.”  He further added that Anchorage “is building the foundation to support an array of new financial services.”

The coming of several new cryptocurrencies like TIOx, TCAT, TRX and apps are increasing in a way to bring several coins like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and Ether into the hands of regular users.

The value of the Bitcoin is rising as it keeps shrugging away from the recent price declines.  The performance of the Bitcoin in the past week had a significant impact on its rival coins.

Christel Quek, commercial head for BOLT Global, stated, “Currently, there are nearly 18 million in circulating supply.”

Edward Moya, the market analyst, stated, “The bubble-like gains which happened now are driven on solid institutional interest, and the security is still a big risk, and it appears that Bitcoin has overcome many of its initial growing pains.”

Steven Bie, Chief Compliance Officer of VirgoCX’s, “The recent launch of our retail platform, is yet another step in becoming the most trusted and reliable cryptocurrency platform in Canada. As a FINTRAC-registered MSB, retail and institutional clients can legally exchange fiat currency and cryptocurrency directly on our platform. We have strong internal compliance controls and working relationships with banks and global payment suppliers.”