ICO expert Sydney Ifergan joins as advisor in the FIRST blockchain Profit Sharing Exchange platform DECOIN

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DECOIN is a cutting edge decentralized cryptocurrency platform which is going to create history by being the first blockchain portal to share its profits with coin holders.

Leading ICO expert crypto community veteran Sydney Ifergan has recently joined as a key advisor in the FIRST blockchain Profit Sharing Exchange platform DECOIN. The latest cryptocurrency platform stands out as a highly potential Decentralized coin and Trading Platform Exchange that has claimed to redistribute its profits to coin holders. DECOIN also promises an unparalleled 6.2% annual interest return to all coin holders.

DECOIN is soon to launch its ICO in the month of June.

DECOIN introduces a world-renowned, fast-action, easy Multi-currency Exchange and Trading platform, backed by top-notch security and a highly credible trading ambience that assures completed transactions. According to leading crypto news portal TheCurrencyAnalytics.com, Sydney Ifergan is extremely positive about the prospects of DECOIN. While asked about his joining as a chief advisor to the platform, he said-

“DECOIN holds the potential to be the world leader in cryptocurrency exchange and trading scene in near future. The platform is empowered with a series of unmatched features to ensure an exemplary experience for the coin holders. The best part of DECOIN is that it’s “the coin of the people” and hence is committed to share its profits with coin holders. DECOIN users will benefit from a completely secured technology system that will enable them to explore the full potential of their coins at their best on a reliable decentralized blockchain portal.”

Speaking further, the senior crypto expert stressed on the 5 main advantages of investing in DECOIN-

  • Easy accessibility

DECOIN is developing a highly secured, scalable and commercial-grade blockchain architecture.

  • Trading Revenue and Profit Sharing

DECOIN holders will be unaffected by market volatility. Whether the market goes down or up, the coin holder will be able to enjoy profits from transaction fees & daily volume accumulated on the DECOIN exchange.

  • Complete Support

DECOIN is soon to launch multilingual Online Customer Service worldwide for the best support on crypto scene for its users.

  • Unprecedented ROI

DECOIN is backed by state of the art POS algorithm that enables it to ensure a 6.2% annual interest return on average for all its coin holders as a loyalty reward for coin adoption.

  • Monetization and Liquefaction

DECOIN has come up with the FIRST exchange platform that will allow coin holders direct access to profits with the use of their own personal D-TEP credit card.

DECOIN has announced to extend discounts and lower fees for coin holders in near future.

For more information, please visit https://www.decoin.io

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