Cryptocurrency Giving – Improves Philanthropic Potential of the Blockchain Technology

By Maheen Hernandez July 22, 2019 0
Blockchain Technology

Ripple is currently facing the most robust resistance to the upside.  While there are a lot of hurdles in the pathway of Ripple, there are equal numbers of support areas seen.

Ripple team recently tweeted:  “Ripple is #13 on the #SFBTphilanthropy list! “We have an obligation and an opportunity to show that we can take some of our success and funnel it in a way that is positive.”

The crypto gift from the Ripple co-founder has raised the giving profile of the blockchain.  Ripple currently ranks third in the market.  The ROI is at 5502.98%.  The total circulating supply is currently at 99,991,553,791 XRP/ 42,832,704,971 XRP.  The general question is whether Ripple will get up? Investors are hoping to see the price rise.  The value is expected to touch $0.75 by the end of the year 2019.

With the coming of the Facebook Libra, there is definitely an eclipse on the already existing coins.  Despite the overall lack of trust about the way Facebook might handle data, there is a lot of public interest seen on Libra.  People are already familiar with Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple’s XRP.

While Donald Trump expressed his opposition to both Bitcoin and ETH, the idea of cryptocurrency has become more familiar than before.

In just a month after it was unveiled, it has been found in a survey by eToro that about 58% of adults are familiar with Bitcoin and about 16% of the people are casual about Libra.

ETH has achieved only 12% recognition to date, and yet other smaller cryptocurrencies are known for even less.

Guy Hirsch, eToro stated, “By introducing the concept to a new audience, libra could play a vital role in the evolution of decentralized and more democratized finance.”

Considering the data-sharing scandal of Facebook, it is less likely for people to be able to trust Facebook to be able to manage payments correctly.

About 600 respondents were surveyed, and about 54% of them expressed concerns about the way Facebook might manage personal data, and about 17% indicated that they would be willing to trust Facebook as much as they would trust banks.

There was a 33% decline in BTC from BitMEX today. 

Joe McCann tweeted:  “Vol has fallen off a cliff.  Down 33% today alone on Bitmex.”  The price of the Bitcoin was range-bound today.  The Bitcoin volume seemed to have shifted to other exchanges which provide for leveraged trading.  This movement is panic-induced after an investigation by the US regulators, and it is not in any way surprising.