Helping Mass Adoption: One Conversation at a Time

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Mass Adoption

I enjoy talking and writing about spreading mass adoption of cryptocurrency everyday. I make YouTube videos about it and use Twitter as a way to help people understand more about digital assets. What I really enjoy the most though, is having direct conversations with people about cryptocurrency. Using social media is one important method of telling others about different aspects of cryptocurrency. The method I use the most is simply starting “crypto conversations.” Never underestimate the effectiveness of a conversation with someone.

For those of you who might not know, I’ve taken four Crypto Road Trips. On these road trips, I drive around the United States and visit colleges, shopping malls, gas stations, and parks to ask people questions about cryptocurrency. Even though very few people I’ve spoken with knew anything about digital assets, I believe I helped to raise awareness in them about getting educated with cryptocurrencies. This is the future of money on a global scale. 

Recently, I’ve been meeting separately with two young men to talk about cryptocurrency. One is twenty-seven years old and the other is thirty-three years old. It was early in 2018 that I helped them become familiar with cryptocurrency. Each of them could see the value of digital assets playing a big part in the future. Each time we meet or talk on the phone, they ask me more and more questions. I’m helping to point them in the right direction. I often send them articles on the Internet that I think would benefit them. Each of these young men has learned a tremendous amount of information in a short period of time. As they have learned, they have started to tell their friends and family about cryptos.

They often tell me stories about their friends who are getting interested in different crypto projects. These two young men are now starting their own “crypto conversations” with friends and strangers! It’s amazing.

Are you beginning to see the power of starting a simple conversation with someone about cryptocurrency? Have you started having any crypto conversations lately? Try it and see what happens. You might be surprised.

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