Cryptocurrency Have Significant Opportunity In Areas Of International Remittance

Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson July 26, 2019 Off
International Remittance

Bitcoin has retraced recovery to more than the $10,000 price trend; however, the outlook continues to be bearish and the lower-highs patterns are intact on the chart.

The recovery achieved by the token over the past 24 hours is struck in the price ranges exhibiting key resistance levels and there is a lack of volume.

If BTC would clear the key resistance around the $10,200 area on the high volumes, the $11,120 price level will come in to play.

However, BTC is facing a very tough time to cross past the $11,120 price range.

Anne Boden, from her 30 years of experience working with the famed financial institutions in the world stated, “[Blockchain] is easily the most revolutionary money change on the horizon and may make a huge difference across the fintech sector.”

Boden, being a banking doyen has her own thoughts about how banks should change and evolve due to different factors.  However, she opines that the same factors should be viewed with blockchain and cryptocurrency-tinted glasses.

Boden opines that customers have changed a lot.  They are buying everything in a different manner.  They are doing things differently.  Technology has changed a lot.  All of them are wandering around with their smartphones and these phones provide for a better market penetration when compared to the laptop.  The regulations are continuing to change.  Challenger banks are winning in their own ways by disrupting the way the banks function by focusing more on the customers and improving on their everyday usability with institutional financial systems and technologies.

Frank Zhou, CEO of Zeux, stated, “App-banks, or digital banks, are making things more convenient for everyday customers to manage their banking.”

There are different requirements in the early adopter space.  Many are interested in cryptocurrency, ranging from investing, trading and using it for their payments.  These customers are increasingly easier to reach and they are willing to give a try to the newest developments in the cryptocurrency space.

Several app-based and digital banks are providing a very convenient method of managing money and they are mostly based on their conventional payment infrastructure.  However, the cross border payments will continue to take 3-5 days in order to settle.

Dmitry Lazarichev, stated, “Decentralised digital currencies have the potential to revolutionize many aspects of the payments industry due to their transparency, mobility, and ease-of-use.” He further opined that cryptocurrency have a significant opportunity in the areas of international remittance.  When compared to the cross-border crypto transactions, cryptocurrencies are significantly faster than conventional money transfer methods.  They require very little in fees and charges.