Transactions with Lightning Fast Speed is Crucial in Cryptocurrency Platforms

Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson July 31, 2019 0
Lightning network

A civil lawsuit, which seeks to recover more than $100 million from a cryptocurrency exchange, which functioned notoriously.  The exchange has reportedly helped cyber-criminals to launder stolen funds like those, which were obtained from ransomware payments and drug marketplaces from the dark web.  The BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange is now defunct.

The ETH/USD consolidation has just begun.  The token is fighting hard to break the resistance at $210.  There was a slight recovery from $197, which has been trying to infiltrate the resistance at $210, but it failed.  The 15-min SMA chart is equally supportive of the downside.  If the token should break above $220, it will have to deal with resistance at $224.60.  The immediate strong support is seen at $208.81.

While Bitcoin and Ripple were not in good shape, both of these coins have lost significant value over the last few days.  These coins might bounce back before the end of this quarter, and it might touch 15,000 USD & 0.9 USD by the year-end. However, by checking in to past trends, it can be seen that these coins have the capacity to fight back and recover. While the current trends are gloomy for Bitcoin and Ripple, these holders might bring in high yields if they will focus on long-term holdings.

Concrete development ideas back very few cryptocurrency tokens, and there are very few tokens which are released in complete regulatory compliance. In cases, where the tokens belong to developers, the chances are highly likely for complete manipulation of the price.  The reliability of a token, therefore, is dependent on several factors. It takes clear evidence of transparency before arriving at an economic model of a token.

A recent tweet from Justin Sun read thus: “According to @dapp_review, the daily trading volume of #TRON DApp ($32.5161M) exceeded the sum of #EOS ($10.5895M) & #ETH ($6.8404M) for seven consecutive days. #TRON ecosystem is becoming stronger and stronger, with more developers’ participation. Welcome more developers to join us!”  However, users are looking for some direction when they need to deal with TRON.

The blockchain technology is already popular with Bitcoin enthusiasts.  However, Nicole Sherrod stated, “There’s a huge audience of people who have not yet placed their first Bitcoin trade.”

Sherrod further stated, “In volatile markets, in particular, speed is of utmost importance,” He said that he would not be interested in delivering via a platform to retail investors, which will put them in a state where they will have to wait without being able to get in and out in lightning speed. 

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