Best Cryptocurrency Domain Names Are Snatched Away By Domain Squatters

By Steven Anderson August 25, 2019 Off
Domain Names

Cryptocurrency domain names are becoming a hot property.  Several dictionaries are now featuring blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin.  Terms related to cryptocurrency have a lot of value, and these terms, when used in domain names, serve like hot real estate properties. Some of the domain names are selling for seven figures.

With cryptocurrency around for nearly ten years now, the entire ecosystem is now worth more than $250 billion.  Every business related to cryptocurrency has a unique web domain, and several top blockchain and Bitcoin websites are now worth several hundred and thousands of dollars. Some domains cost even a few millions.

Several individuals tend to register a domain name to sell it for a profit at a future point in time.  Some buy a bunch of website domain names which are related to a particular product or industry.  They eventually wait for sufficient time to sell them.  The best cryptocurrency domain names are snatched away by domain squatters.

Due to the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain, domain names that relate to digital assets are selling for top dollars. An extensive list of cryptocurrency-related domain names is making their rounds on the internet.  Those who are willing to establish themselves in the depth of social media and cryptocurrency forums tend to invest in these domains. However, not all such names entice a future buyer.

When talking about the demand for cryptocurrency domains, familiar sources stated, “This switch in the market is great for domain investors, more new startups will emerge in the crypto space, and blockchain technology will continue to evolve. Keywords to focus on for investment in .com, .org, .io include Bit, Btc, Bitcoin, Crypto, Coin, Chain, Block, Blockchain, Faucet, Token, and Airdrop.”

The crypto economy is continuing to evolve.  Several tools are required to manage one’s crypto account.  When into cryptocurrency trading, the access factor is something that people are concerned about because even if the primary investor is no more, the investor would prefer their legal heirs to be able to access the property.

Several investors are merely leaving their crypto on an exchange, which is entirely unsafe.  The digital nature of cryptocurrency and the accessibility issue is the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed. While all these issues persist, Mastercard is planning to launch its Altcoin. Some are using crypto to pay for illegal drugs, and some are using it to pay for food.  The usage is moving mainstream.  Concerns regarding OS should be addressed.