Sluggish Price Trends – Green Zone – Official Upgrades and Hope in the Cryptocurrency Space

By Steven Anderson August 26, 2019 Off

Ethereum has been trading at $216; however, currently the price is below the mark, and it is expected for it to rise back to $200.  ETH is likely to start at $200 next month.

The performance of ETH is towards growth orientation.  ETH showed a downtrend of more than 2.6% and the coin slipped from its value at $193.54 to $188.40 on August 25, 2019.  The lowest recorded cost for ETH over the past 30 days is at $178, and the highest was at $239.  Considering the current price fluctuations, it is expected that the price will range anywhere from $186 to $250.

The price of Ripple was in the downtrend by 2%.  It was a sluggish month for Ripple just like several other cryptos.  The coin went down by $0.26 this month; however, the decline is expected to stop soon.  The current performance of XRP is showing signs of recovery.  This might roll over to $0.30 during the forthcoming days.

Ken Weber, head of the social impact at Ripple opined that universities from across the world should expand their education programs to provide blockchain and digital asset courses.  He stated thus:  “A large part of the issue is that companies are in need of two types of blockchain professionals. Firstly, they need engineers who have a deep understanding of technologies to implement changes immediately. Secondly, they need to fill in non-technical roles with senior employees who can make decisions concerning the application of blockchain to business objectives. To do this, however, these employees need to have a working knowledge of technology. The industry has well-documented, yet growing skills gap that must be fixed.”

Litecoin has fallen by 14% and is in a bearish trend now.  The market cap of Litecoin is down by $4.160B, which is 1.72% of the overall cryptocurrency market cap.  The highest market cap of Litecoin was at $14.099B.

TRON showed a declining price trend.  A new protocol document has been released for TRX deposit.  Tron (TRX) vs. USD is currently trading at $0.01818409.  Ranking 13th in the cryptocurrency space, the ROI in TRON is at 783.81%.

The trends for Stellar Lumens are Bullish.  Stellar Lumens released its third official SDK supported by the Stellar Foundation.  Stellar (XLM) vs. USD is trading at 0.0702644 USD.  Holding the 11th rank in the market, versus the Bitcoin, it is valued at 0.00000694 BTC per chip.  The ROI for Stellar Lumens is at 2,249.17%.  Stellar has been trading in the green now, and it is expected to move upwards from now.