Investor Interest towards Altcoins Is Alarmingly Low

By Maheen Hernandez September 4, 2019 Off

The widely prevalent idea is that the Bitcoin is the only crypto with lasting value.  Bitcoin indeed controls the majority of the market price trends. It was thought that Altcoins might not recover, but both Bitcoins and Altcoins are recovering with some warning, and this is as well the fate of TCAT tokens.

TRON is going live Bithumb Global.  The exchange will list several other influential tokens like “BitTorrent Token (BTT), and WINk (WIN), two of the flagship tokens on the TRON network.”

This listing is happening at a point in time when the price of TRON continues to be depressed.  TRX is down by nearly 90%.  TRON Network had a promising performance, despite all this the price has continued to deflate along with several other Altcoins.

The TRON project is facing a mix of enthusiasm and skepticism.

In the current scenario, Cardano and Monero are considered to be Altcoins, which are worth keeping an eye on. Several Altcoins are on the verge of their death, and Bitcoin is continuing to sustain its reputation.

The investor interest in Altcoins is alarmingly low.  With interest in Altcoins faltering down, it is an interestingly good market for Bitcoin. This will likely continue if Bitcoin stabilizes beyond the $10,000 mark; however, if it fails to sustain the price, the bearish bloodbath might likely resume.

Max Keiser, a Bitcoin maximalist in the past month stated, “#Bitcoin as the number one crypto is dominating 68.2 percent of the crypto market heading towards 80 percent as altcoin dies in favor of Bitcoin. It is sad but true that the 2014 -2017 days of altcoin and hard forks cryptos are dead and gone. My advice, don’t be the last to rotate out of altcoin into Bitcoin.”

Monero has been recording positive strides as it has been jumping two positions on the trend charts.  The popularity of XMR is currently on the rise, and it is proving to be a viable investment for traders and investors alike. It is expected that XMR will touch 95 USD and 97 USD in value towards the next week.

Cardano has been bullish, and ADA is exchanging hands at $0.045349, with a 1.66 percent increase over the past 24 hours.

Several Altcoins are failing badly; however, Cardano and Monero are working to remain relevant in the market. Are these coins evolving to be worthy Bitcoin competitors by surviving the current storm on the market?