Cryptocurrency Investing: The Potential for Generational Wealth

By Crypto Mentor September 13, 2019 0
Cryptocurrency investing

Creating generational wealth might seem like an unreachable goal to some of you. If the idea that you can invest some of your cash into cryptocurrency and conceivably receive a huge gain within a few years seems impossible, please reconsider. I believe that many people I currently know who have invested in cryptocurrency in the last few years will reap the financial gains in the upcoming bull market.

I had lunch with my father-in-law today. He lives nearby and I enjoy visiting him and talking about investing. He in 92 years old and had a successful career as a salesman. As a young man, he worked hard and was good at saving money and investing. He taught me the value of having a long-term approach to investing. Even though he does not understand cryptocurrency or blockchain technology, he seems the value of investing for the long-term. 

As we ate lunch, I thought to myself what his investment portfolio would have looked like if he would of invested in bitcoin in the early days. Could you imagine if he would have invested $500 when bitcoin was $1.00. Having 500 bitcoins at today’s price would be approximately $5,150,000. 

I often talk about my grandchildren on my YouTube channel. I’m teaching them about the value and importance of cryptocurrency. Both my grandsons love hearing me tell them stories about investing. The cryptocurrency investments I’m making today is for them 10 or 20 years from now. One of my investment goals is helping my grandchildren to better understand digital assets and blockchain technology. This will take many more years for them to comprehend but that does not stop me from talking to them about it.

Can I give you from friendly crypto investing advice? Consider taking a portion of your crypto portfolio and giving it to your grandchildren as a gift. Start talking to them about it. Teach them the value of proper investing.

One of the ways to be a successful investor is to have access to news that is up-to-date, authentic, and without bias. No one wants to make cryptocurrency investing based on fake news that is not real. I know a few people who have lost money from reading inaccurate new articles. Many online news platforms create fake news for a variety of reasons. It’s unfortunate but people are losing trust in the media. Many people do not trust online news platforms. Fake news becomes problematic. 

That’s why I enjoy TheCurrencyAnalytics so much. One of the goals of TCAT is to eradicate fake news about digital currency. TCAT is a trustworthy news source to any cryptocurrency investor. When I read articles from TCAT, I can know I’m reading “real news.”

For those of you who want to create generational wealth for your family, please consider TheCurrencyAnalytics. There are many online news platforms to choose from. My first choice is TheCurrencyAnalytics.

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