World-class Crypto Expert and #1 ranked advisor at ICObench, Vladimir Nikitin, becomes an official advisor to the first POS crypto currency profit sharing exchange, Decoin

By Steven Anderson April 20, 2018 Off
Vladimir Nikitin

The team of the first ever POS blockchain exchange platform, Decoin, is proud to announce the most recent addition to its team of professionals. World-class cryptocurrency expert and top advisor at ICOBench, Vladimir Nikitin, is joining Decoin as an official advisor. Here’s what he says, regarding his new move:

“I’m happy to announce that I joined the Decoin team as an adviser. I Joined the project primarily because I saw professionalism and clear goals from the founders of the project, I think that after ico the coin will have all chance to get into the top 20 coins already in the first year. I thank the founders for their trust and the opportunity to work in a prospective project.”

Vladimir Nikitin, who managed to build a solid reputation within the financial market by working in the legal, finance, retail and IT industries for over 10 years, is expected to bring valuable insights to the first POS profit redistribution platform, titled Decoin. Mr. Nikitin, who is also a passionate advocate and supporter of blockchain technology will guide the team behind Decoin on the road to creating and establishing one of the most accessible and easy to profit from cryptocurrencies in today’s financial market. Vladimir Nikitin is considered as one of the top professional experts and advisors and works with selected ICOs in the CIS region only. That is why, a collaboration between him and Decoin is widely considered as a future success story.

About Decoin:

Decoin is a Blockchain-based decentralized cryptocurrency that is expected to penetrate the markets by the first half of 2018. The team behind Decoin is vowing to make history by introducing the first-ever POS profit-sharing coin. Each user who is staking their coins on their Decoin online wallets will be eligible for a 6.2% annual interest rate return. Moreover, some of the characteristics of Decoin, which is expected to launch its ICO in June 2018 are the following:

  • AccessibilityDecoin is expected to develop highly scalable, secure and commercial grade blockchain architecture, available to anyone at any time.
  • Profit-Sharing Exchang

Decoin holders will gain from transaction feels and the daily volume that has been accumulated on the exchange. Decoin is designed to share all the revenue and profit with its Coin holders.

  • 2% annual interest returnDecoin is proud of its POS algorithm that ensures an average of 6.2% annual interest return to all the coin holders that will stake their coins on the online wallet of Decoin. The company simply wants to reward all the loyal customers.
  • SupportThe team of Decoin offers full support to its customers by granting them access to customized information through the Online Customer Service.
  • D-TEP Credit Card UseDECOIN has developed the first platform that can give the coin holders the opportunity to directly access their profits with the use of their personal D-TEP credit card.

The team of Decoin reminds everyone that the pre-sale at $0.55 is valid till April 22, 2018. From April 23, 2018 till May 20, 2018, the pre-ICO would be available at $0.6. More information is available on the official website: or through the official e-mail, where support can be reached at any time: [email protected]

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