Universal Basic Income – Justin Sun – Reviews and Authorizations

By dan saada September 27, 2019 0
universal basic income justin sun andreew yang

Justin Sun has been reported to be desperate to grab the attention of Andrew Yang, the US Democratic Presidential Candidate.

The crypto whiz kid has been doing the rounds in the news for rescheduling his lunch with Warren Buffet after paying $4.6 million to be on lunch with him.

Justin Sun is now trying to collaborate regarding a universal basic income.  Sun is planning to invite celebrities to the Nitron Summit 2020.

The Universal Basic Income is about the $1000 a month to 10 Americans, which came out during the Democratic Debate.

Sun has recently stated that he will give the same income to top 100 people next year and would choose the “lucky 100” and further have Yang help him to choose one from the lucky 100 to accompany him to the Buffet Dinner.

Sun recently stated, “I think I will [direct message] him on Twitter, If we have any discussion I will definitely update you, our community.”

The cryptocurrency market shows some signs of life returning with the price of XRP, Stellar Lumens and Tron doing the bounce. The vital signs of the market are taken into consideration.

In just a 4-hour period about $30 billion was wiped out of the overall cryptocurrency market cap.  This meant a total loss of 13%.  Most of these losses are related to the Altcoins

Coin base is providing support for Stellar Lumens and made trading available to those users who reside in New York.

The announcement was made on September 25, 2019, “Stellar Lumens (XLM) is now available to Coinbase users who are New York residents. New Yorkers can now log in to buy, sell, convert, send, receive, or store XLM on Coinbase or using our iOS and Android apps.”

Coinbase is set to add newer assets considering the applicable reviews and authorizations to cryptos on a jurisdiction to jurisdiction basis.

Traders were going through a painful day on seeing the BTC/USD hover near the $8,100 support area.  The downward price action of BTC has been happening steadily from the beginning of the month.

XRP went down to unprecedented lows eventually proving that the rest of 2019 will be showing low for crypto markets.

Litecoin dropped down to six-month lows. 

Andrew Bliss, CEO of Block.one stated, “Arlington’s proximity to Washington, D.C. allows us to continue building a constructive business and government relationships as we provide insights for the application of blockchain-based technologies.”