Non Profits Encourage Investors Donating Their ShitCoins – Altcoins

Steven Anderson By Steven Anderson September 30, 2019 0
ShitCoins Altcoins

Bitcoin investors have been giving away their Altcoins for a nonprofit organization, which was mainly responsible for the running of “The Onion Router.” Bitcoin owners look at this opportunity as a way of giving away their shit coins while supporting the TOR project.

This donation has been happening in response to a campaign from Matt Odell who gathered support for the TOR project by tweeting:  “donate shitcoins. stack sats.”

Some of the investors tweeted that this was one of the perfect opportunities for them to get rid of their airdropped shit coins.  They found this as a way to dump their shit coins.

Several other nonprofit organizations are also asking investors to donate their Shit coins.  Thus it can be seen that cryptocurrencies are making their way to a whole lot of philanthropic requirements.

The UNICEF has in the past required that miners donate their earnings to aid different humanitarian efforts.

Every kind of cryptocurrency transaction is unique, and it can be tracked via the blockchain technology.

Josh Rager recently wrote: “Bitcoin is king, I’m still Bitcoin maximalist, I like to make money though so I’ll invest in any tech that likely presents to give a solid ROI.”

Whether TCAT tokens or Stellar Lumens, the point to look in to is about the ROI, the Altcoins have been forever looking towards their big brother Bitcoin to decide on their next move. The Altcoins are going lower, and it might be that the crypto winter is making a comeback.

The decline in the price of the Bitcoin was long anticipated.  About $55 billion is out of the market as several investors are selling in panic. They are dumping their Bitcoin and Altcoins in fears of a price crash.

Technical indicators indicate that EOS, Cardano, and TRON are dropping.

Charles Hoskinson, Founder of Cardano, confirmed an unbeaten test run in London, thereby making the Shelley Testnet available to the community. This will eventually lead to the solving of the centralization and the proof-of-stake problem which the network is currently facing.  A massive sell-off causing the Altcoins to move to all-time lows is on the cards.

After Justin Sun canceled his Charity lunch with Buffet, the price of the TRON was declining, and it did not make a worthy come back. However, TRON is doing all he can to bring back TRX to the top 10 in terms of market cap.  Whether the bullish trends will be back is for us to see when reality unfolds.