Bitcoin Patterns Are Showing Fractals – ETH Smart Contracts – BoA hiring Ripple Expert

By Maheen Hernandez October 11, 2019 Off
Bitcoin ETH

The definite upside momentum of the Bitcoin has slowed down. The downside momentum of the Bitcoin is gaining traction.  And all the Altcoins are in the red following the Bitcoin.

Repetitive patterns or fractals tend to have several similarities with comparable ratios between the price movements.  The Bitcoin patterns are showing fractals and, therefore, are expected to increase above $10,000.

The price of Ethereum has traded above the $188 and $185 support levels.  A significant trend line is formed with support near $188.  It is expected that the pair will continue higher and break past the resistance at $195 and $198.  The immediate resistance for the token is seen at $193 level.  If the upside break occurs, the price might touch $198 and $200 in terms of its resistance price points. 

Ethereum is a little further than Bitcoin in usability, and it came into being for many things more than money.  The notion of smart contracts is the major characteristic in the Ethereum blockchain.  The smart contracts have, and the executions of the smart contract code have been treated as legally binding.

When considering the legality of the smart contracts, the consensus was that the blockchains were a part of private law.  The blockchain contract between two people is being looked at as a private contract.

Making electronic contracts run makes things cheaper and faster. However, those who are in favor of decentralization do not find it appealing; this certainly is not wrong in any way.

Smart contracts are disruptive, and they are not going away.  The legal systems though not in acceptance now, might have to at a point in time accept it, considering its compliance. This is an ambitious road map, and this could lead to an “immense transformation to the world’s companies.”

The losses of Litecoin are impacting its performance.  The Litecoin Foundation continues to hope that the Summit, which is scheduled for Las Vegas, would be a successful event.  The minor spike of 3% in the price of Litecoin has it near the 20-day average. It is expected that the trends might accelerate.

Ripple XRP used to be progressing over the past two days; however, currently, it seems to be retreating in the downtrend. However, it is expected that the 50% Fib level aided by the ascending trend line would prevent the declines. The RSI for XRP indicates oversold conditions. Meanwhile, the Bank of America (BoA) has hired a treasury project manager who would be working with Ripple.

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