Cardano Creator Opines Bitcoin is Blind Deaf and Dumb

Maheen Hernandez By Maheen Hernandez October 15, 2019 Off
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Charles Hoskinson, “I guess some people would like to pay attention to fake news. They’d like to pay attention to the latest sycophant or provocateur of the week, and they don’t seem to understand that these are among the most complicated protocols to implement.”

Hoskinson defends the naysayers and those who doubt the future of Cardano.  He stated that the protocols are written from scratch, and he indicated that they were doing tough things.  Recently Cardano rolled out the Shelley Testnet, which, according to the creator, is nearly 50 to 100 times more decentralized than other kinds of blockchain networks.

Hoskinson also stated that if Bitcoin fails, it would be a wrong time for the cryptocurrency industry. He also said that Bitcoin, in terms of design, was blind, deaf, and dumb.

He considered Bitcoin to be the dominant brand of cryptocurrencies, and he feels that it is not suitable for the market if Bitcoin would fail.

TRON has a higher NVT ratio when compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum.  Network Value to Transactions Ratio provides a clear idea as to assign a fair value to coins. TRON is well rounded in this regard in the current moment.

The postponed lunch with Warren Buffet attracted a lot of press coverage for TRON recently. Press coverage has provided a lot in terms of TRON adoption.

The new project from TRON is focused on “building the smartphones for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts.” There is an increase in the number of blockchain smartphones. We will hear soon from TronSignature in this regard.

While Bitcoin is in the stagnation phase, Stellar Lumens has been making some decent gains. The same is the case with XRP and Ox.

The Bitcoin dominance has dropped, and this has eventually allowed a way for Altcoins.  The price of XRP has been gaining momentum, and it recently crossed the $0.2950 resistance versus the USD. It is expected for the rally to touch $0.3020. The MACD for Ripple is gaining strength in the bullish zone.

Ethereum has broken past the range resistance.  ETH is showing positive signs versus the USD. If the price should continue to rise in the near term, the price should stay about $185.  The MACD for ETH is moving to the bearish zone.  The hourly RSI is correcting towards the 50 levels. Significant support is seen at $184, and major resistance is seen at $192. ETH is awaiting transition from the PoW to PoS and eventually to Ethereum 2.0.