Sydney Ifergan joins as advisor in next-gen crypto platform that issues blockchain secured loans

By dan saada April 21, 2018 Off
moneto sydney

Moneto is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency platform that promises almost instant loans secured by Bitcoin with highly discounted interest rate and extended credit period compared to conventional borrowing scene.

Top ICO expert Sydney Ifergan has officially declared his recent joining as a senior advisor in next-gen crypto platform Moneto. The new portal extends instant loans secured by Bitcoins on more favorable terms compared to traditional borrowing system.

Moneto will launch its Pre-ICO on April 17, 2018. The Pre-ICO phase will commence with a whopping 35% discount and the preliminary price of the pre-sale stage is –

1 МТО (Moneto token) = 0.0008 ETH.

Moneto can be defined as a blockchain-powered loan service which will enable users to receive fiat money almost instantly- keeping Bitcoin as collateral for the loan. The whole process works in 3 easy steps-

  • Borrower has to say how much bitcoins he owns or how much loan he wants.
  • Provide his payment details (card number), transfer the bitcoins and receive cash in account
  • Buy back the bitcoins after loan repayment period at same rate with a very nominal fee

Sydney Ifergan is extremely positive about the prospects of Moneto and deems it as a much awaited platform in the world of lending and borrowing.

“What I especially love about Moneto is that it allows instant loans and that too with more favorable terms compared to the regular borrowing scenario. MTO users will enjoy reduced interest rate and also longer loan terms which will assure them more time to repay the loans. They will even have the great opportunity to lower interest rate further with partial token compensation. In fact, in future, borrowers can use their loan funds in fiat currency based on their different needs such as – make purchases from online stores, receive cash in ATMs and so on”, stated Sydney Ifergan.

Speaking further, the ICO expert stressed that since all loans will be collateralized on Moneto platform, there will be no risks for the registered users.

“Another great thing is that the Bitcoin exchange rate is showing a pretty stable growth in recent times. So, with Bitcoin as collateral for your loan, you can expect more value for money when you will buy it back after the loan term ends.”

The range of discount on interest rate will be determined by the volume of MTO tokens:

  • 5 MTO= 10% discount
  • 15 MTO- 20% discount and extended credit period for up till 3 months
  • 50 MT0= VIP status with 30% discount, maximum extended credit period and many other facilities
  • 65