Small-Cap Cryptocurrencies Executing Transactions Sustaining Liquidity

By Maheen Hernandez October 25, 2019 0
Small-Cap Cryptocurrencies transactions

Tokens with low market capitalization have their share of activity in the market.  Whether about TCAT Tokens, SiaCoin (SIA), Docademic (MTC) SelfKey (KEY) Basic Attention Token (BAT) Linda. DragonChain (DRGN) Oyster Pearl (PRL) or Lunyr, none of them, have it easy in the cryptocurrency space out there.  They are here with a purpose, and each of them is working on their mission.

The low cap cryptocurrencies are here to stay.  While the significant cap currencies are going to rattle the market, these low cap cryptos are going to make silent profits for their investors. It is true that these tokens are caught in a cycle of low liquidity.  These cryptocurrency ecosystems are working hard to ensure they are executing transactions for what they stand for.

The highest profits many times come from low market cap cryptocurrencies.  There are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies available, and the majority of the market has its attention geared towards the top 10.

SiaCoin (SIA) provides flexible storage options.  The Siacoin is backed by filing contracts and storage proofs.  At a fundamental level, the token provider takes cloud storage from major providers, and eventually, they give it to the users itself.  With the peer-2-peer ecosystem thus formed, every user will be able to make full use of the space available in the hard drive.

Docademic focuses on helping users connect with doctors using a smartphone camera. Data retention from this platform requires MTC tokens. About two to three free medical assistance via the smartphone is made available to the users every month.

BAT does not provide for token trading activities.  However, it is used between publishers, advertisers, and even end-users.

Linda is a mobile wallet that provides for partnerships with several other coins like Shard, Colossus, PoS, and many others.

DRGN, also known as Dragon Chain, provides Baas, which is blockchain-as-a-service. They provide blockchain technology to users to safeguard their databases.

PRL, also known as Oyster Pearl, are meant to reward content curators and creators. It uses ETH blockchain as a payout method for its content creators and providers.

Lunyr is used to reward content contributors to keep data in a proper form.  This is one of the longest-running Dapp on the ETH blockchain.

KIN targets teenagers and young adults.  The concept is similar to that of Whatsapp and Viber; however, KIN provides some additional functionalities.

SONM coins based on the Amazon Web Service help build apps, perform calculations, host sites, and even produce Machine Learning using the architecture.