“SwachhCoin has restored my faith in the possibility of a cleaner and sustainable planet”: ICO expert Sydney Ifergan

By Sydney Ifergan April 25, 2018 Off

SwachhCoin is a new groundbreaking blockchain-powered platform that is aspiring to create a safer, cleaner and sustainable world through most advanced waste management and transformation of waste into energy

Talk about the most alarming problems plaguing the world today and waste mis-management easily tops the roost with élan. The existing waste management companies are incompetent and out of 1.5 billion tons waste generated per year, a whopping 76% is left untreated. The end result is staggering toxicity in the environment, increasing emission of greenhouse gases and all the related polluting effects that are fast rushing our planet to doom.

However, despite such a gory picture, I have finally been able to restore my faith in the possibility of a cleaner, safer and sustainable earth in near future- courtesy SwachhCoin. Developed by a true humanitarian non-profit organization SwachhCoin Foundation, SwachhCoin represents a cutting-edge blockchain portal which aims to disrupt the existent incompetent waste management system by micromanaging waste management and effectively transforming them into functional products of potential economic value. The platform is focused on recycling waste into green energy, power-generating gases, fertilizers and many other useful products which can be extracted from waste. Put simply, SwachhCoin is dedicated to build up a global decentralized waste management ecosystem for both household and industrial waste.

What I find really inspiring and smart about this new blockchain platform is its unique holistic method of revolutionizing waste management. SwachhCoin will combine both traditional waste management energy generation strategies and modern techniques to develop a truly potential platform to transform waste into energy for a proper sustainable living. Most importantly, SwachhCoin leverages the power of futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and IoT and aligns them with blockchain technology to fulfill its mission in the most advanced way possible.

The most important SwachhCoin tools are:

SWATEL- It represents customized application of Adaptive Intelligence to enhance the efficiency of waste management companies in the field of waste processing, by making their equipments more “intelligent”.

SWATA- It represents customized application of Big Data to facilitate integration of advanced methods during transportation, collection and distribution of different inputs & outputs and also automated machinery decision on the basis of previous experience.

SWIOT- It refers to customized application of IoT to allow easy remote access & total control on outdoor & indoor waste processing equipment to boost efficiency.

SWBIN- It represents the concept of customized waste collection bins that will be powered with many cutting-edge features like automation opening & closing of lid, integrated waste separation, reward distribution for proper waste disposal and so on.

Waste management platforms are nothing new but SwachhCoin stands out with its great line up of unparallel features-

  • Monetary incentive for judicious waste disposal
  • 20+ potential outputs from waste
  • Powered by futuristic technologies
  • Autonomous philanthropy
  • Facility of selling & buying produced outputs in both Fiat & Tokens

For more information, please visit https://swachhcoin.com


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