Meridian – Stellar Conference on November 4 and 5 – Taking Payments to the next level

By Maheen Hernandez November 4, 2019 Off
Meridian Stellar

Bitcoin has been oscillating in the price ranges of $9,100 and $9,300.  While Stellar (XLM) recently crashed, the rest of the Altcoins, including TCAT tokens and several others, headed south.  However, while all this was happening Stellar Lumens took a different path, and it was not following the bandwagon of other coins doing the march behind the Bitcoin.

Decreed yet another coin similar to Stellar Lumens took a different path.  The price of the Decreed went down by 9%, and Stellar Lumens was up by 7%.

The last release of Protocol 12 for Stellar Lumens removed the 1% yearly XLM inflation. 

Stellar continues to focus on moving money like an mail.  The first stellar conference for Stellar is scheduled to happen from November 4th and November 5th in Mexico City.

This conference is about how a new financial future is coming.  The entire talk will be about the financial future.

Everyone will be brought together in the Stellar Lumens universe.  Major industry experts and major financial institutions will be participating in the event.  There will be networking, food, drinks, and fun in the process. 

Creativity and collaboration will be facilitated in this event by talented and passionate people from across the globe.  The Stellar Network has been around for nearly five years now.  There has been incredible growth for their investors during bullish and bearish situations in the market.

Since January 2018, the transactions are up by nearly 25 times in the Stellar Network.  The numbers of accounts have increased ten times.  The economic model which we are building is far more accessible.  The current conference is focused on establishing the foundational stone for exponential growth, which is yet to come.

There are several questions related to transparency and inflation.  Major challenges around adoption and marketing will be discussed in this conference.  The groups will be participating in focused discussions.  New programs and services will be announced at the conference.  The event will be attended by the best and the brightest people in the Stellar Ecosystem.

The participants are expected to bring their most significant ideas to the Meridian, and things are set to become even better for the tokens.

There are plans underway, making it possible to Stellar for many things other than for payments.  The team is all set to bootstrap and grow the markets.  There will be discussions about how the Stellar wallets will be better and about how SDF will be making it easier to Build portfolios on the new Wallet SDK.