NEO-Nahmii Coming In 2020 – NEO Fest Singapore Meet Up scheduled November 14 of 2019

By Steven Anderson November 5, 2019 0
NEO nahmii

The NEO Global Development (NGD) has announced their first meet up in Kyiv, Ukraine, at 7:00 pm on November 7, 2019.

The event will include representatives from the NEO foundation.  A local NEO partner is scheduled to be announced during this event.  The local NEO partner will be making a presentation at this event.

Colin Closser recently discussed the NEO’s user experience and the challenges involved in working with a team made of individual contributors.

NEO Fest Singapore Meet Up is scheduled for November 14, 2019, from 19:00 through 21:30.  The NEO Joy Hangzhou event is expected to happen in China on November 23, 2019, from 13:30 to 17:30.

NEO released their October monthly report.  The report focused on Neo’s MainNet launch – Third anniversary, revamping of their branding, NEO listing in Binance US, and updates about several online and offline events related to NEO.

Previously in October, NEO celebrated its anniversary with Cross-chain and Neo3 upgrades.  Neo and nahmii have announced their scaling and interoperability partnership, and nahmii is expected to be here by 2020.  The agreement is signed.

NEO is supporting a global dApp ecosystem by being the most developer-friendly platform.  It provides developers with a comprehensive suite of tools, which will enable several developers from across the world to join the NEO ecosystem facilitating a smart economy.

NEO is community-driven and enterprise-ready. Blockchain infrastructures, Digital Assets, DeFi, and Games can be developed using the NEO Developer Portal.  The intrinsic advantages of blockchain technology are leveraged using NEO.

The NEO Academy provides courses for developers who are willing to contribute to a smart economy.

Everything about the NEO started with the Antshares Project in June 2014. NEO is now investing in the $100 million EcoBoost program to power up for success eventually.  This investment is focused on improving the facilitation of large scale commercial blockchain solutions, ultimately strengthening the capabilities of projects and developers in the NEO ecosystem.

About ten developer communities support the NEO infrastructure building.  These developers and communities lower the entry barrier for the NEO development process. About 500,000 NEO followers on social media contribute to making NEO an influencer in the cryptocurrency market.

NEO tokens are stored in 2,000,000 registered wallet addresses. Developers join the Global NEO Community to bring their ideas to life by making use of the smart contract development process and other dApp integration tools from NEO.

NEO 3 has been rapidly evolving since 2016.  Major updates on the protocol layer are all set to happen to provide for stable and highly-optimized infrastructure for the next generation internet.