Global Conversations in Sustainability and Blockchain Ecotech Visions takes on Malta in a major way

By TCA PR November 5, 2019 Off
Ecotech Visions

Gzira, Malta: Ecotech Visions, Miami Gardens, Florida first green corridor, Founder, Dr. Pandwe Gibson is on a mission to save the world one green collar job at a time. Ecotech Visions focuses on areas of technology that include space, energy, farming, green technology. Ecotech Visions takes it a step further- sustainability meets blockchain.

With fireside chats on Digital Securities in beautiful Malta with SolidBlock CMO, Yael Tamar on the Chiliz Blockchain Campus where the blockchain culture is growing vastly, Dr. Gibson is one of the Keynote speakers at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit: The Emerging Tech Conference held November 4th through 8th.

This symposium brings together thousands of investors and innovators in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum technology, Big Data and Internet of Things. Gibson will speak on the topics of Blockchain and Intellectual Rights, GreenTech Protocols and the Sustainable Token Movement.

Also joining the event are the Crypto Twins, Xenia and Masha Vyazemskaya, the quirky mirror-image co-founders of ValueTokenized. Beyond interviewing some of the biggest heavy hitters in the tokenization space for their YouTube channel, Masha and Xenia also work to hook up conventional businesses to the blockchain. At the event, Masha and Xenia will cover the main concepts of tokenization and results of the year.

“Sustainability through supply chain is one of the fastest growing use cases for the blockchain, and our marketplace is working to meet the consumer adoption problem throughout marketplace“ Dr. Pandwe Gibson.”

“In our industry, real estate, Blockchain transforms traditionally complex investment processes as well as enables trade. Real Estate tokenization has been one of the earliest successful use cases of blockchain,’ Yael Tamar.”
For more information on how to join the sustainable community Ecotech Visions has established please visit

About Ecotech Visions: We are a maker manufacturing lab designed to assist entrepreneurs in creating, planning, and launching innovative and “green” manufacturing businesses in South Florida. We provide business resources, a maker space, office space and event space to support the development of products made with recycled materials.

About SolidBlock: SolidBlock utilizes real estate asset tokenization – the convergence of real estate investing and blockchain technology – to transform real estate into a tradable financial product. This gives investors the opportunity to buy shares in a property without owning the entire building. SolidBlock is using blockchain to establish an asset’s financial history, increase its liquidity, and ensure optimal growth of the base asset.

About Value Tokenized: Xenia and Masha Vyazemskaya are twin co-hosts at Value.Tokenized podcast about tokenization and future of finance, creators of Security Token Club. Experts in content marketing, PR and communication strategy, Masha and Xenia shifted their focus from entertainment & art spheres to help talented tech teams tell their stories. Authors, advisors, partners at DeepTech venture studio.