Bitcoin Meetup Groups – In Crypto We Trust – Investors Want to Discuss Bitcoin in Satoshi and not USD

By Maheen Hernandez November 5, 2019 0
Bitcoin in Satoshi

Corporations and governments are trying to cut each other’s throat trying to come up with a better near perfect Bitcoin. Bitcoin Meetup groups are discussing the scenario, and none of them seem to be convinced about the technology and philosophy of these Bitcoin replicas.

There are more than 4,500 Bitcoin Meetup groups and the newest ones are being formed every now and then. Beginners and professionals alike will gain a lot by becoming a part of a Bitcoin group. 

Individuals, developers and businesses are getting started and active on Bitcoin Talk and on the Wiki.  These groups are important because they can help understand the legal aspects of Bitcoin and detail on how to avoid scams. 

People looking to support the Bitcoin do so by being the network, by mining, translating, developing, donating or using Bitcoin. Spreading the news about Bitcoin and meeting communities which discuss Bitcoin is also a way to support Bitcoin. Bitcoin started off in a small community and it has grown to where it is now.

There are Bitcoin associations in almost all countries.  There are non-profit organizations who are already accepting charities in Bitcoin.

Rhythmtrader tweeted:  “$5,000,000,000 worth of value is transferred everyday using the Bitcoin Network. No government, bank or third party had to verify the transactions, nor could they have stopped any of them if they wanted to. That should blow your mind.”

It seems like a true revolution has begun for several Bitcoin enthusiasts.  Some investors are not happy about the expression of Bitcoin value transaction in values.  One of the them tweeted:  “107 500 000 000 000 satoshis in last 24h sounds better :)”

There are yet other Bitcoin critics who claim that “80% of which is fake volume according to bitwise’s methodology.”

One of the tweet clarifies that a single anonymous manipulator led to the Bitcoin touching $20,000 about couple of years ago.

The active nodes of Litecoin seem to be dying because the Litecoin Network custodial wallet has been charging routing fees which is higher than the on chain transactions.

Turkey is one of the country competing to come out with their version of digital currency.  The digital Lira might be launched and on field for testing in 2020.

Some investors opinion that holding Bitcoin at their all-time high will amount to tearing off its pieces until it is completely gone.  It is about cashing out and reinvesting and improving wealth.  Several of them have lost a lot in Bitcoin, but that does not seem to have brought them down.