Global University Blockchain Workshop (GUW) from Ontology with High Profile Collaboration

By Steven Anderson November 7, 2019 Off
Global University blockchain Workshop

The Ontology Global University Workshop Tour in the US Timeline is all set to start on November 7, 2019, at the Northwestern University at The Garage, Northwestern University.  The workshop is scheduled across different universities like the University of Chicago (November 8, 2019), Cornell University (November 10, 2019), Princeton University (November 11, 2019), and Harvard University (November 13, 2019).

About 81 universities from across the world have signed up for this tour.  The focus of this tour is to create awareness among young talents about the potential of blockchain technology.  The GUW team feels that the current generation will benefit the most from the potential of blockchain technology.  The tour is set to be an experience above the norm.

Developers who are interested in starting their genesis block will benefit the most. Ning Hu and Edmond Cong, Senior Architecture Experts, are a part of the GUW.

Exciting and useful expertise will be staged in the workshop.  The workshop focuses on providing more knowledge about the inner workings in Ontology.

Participants will get introduced to Blockchain and the application of Blockchain.  They will get an introduction to Ontology and an introduction to how the Ontology ecosystem functions: Cross chain, sharding, and more.

The Ontology Klein Bottle Challenge provides $20,000 worth ONG in rewards to each university.  Participants will be getting full-scale support for participation in the competition ranging from Finance to incubation.  The project submitted for this competition will be evaluated for their market performance.  The incubation will provide for complete support to bring the ideas of participants to life.

Ontology is the Global Enterprise Blockchain offering ONT its cryptocurrency token.  There was considerable price rise when Ontology was launched. The token is available only in a limited number of cryptocurrency exchanges.  Storing ONT in exchanges for a long period of time exposes one to security breaches.  Most investors move their ONT to secure wallets like ONTO and OWallet.

ONT ID from Ontology provides for managing one’s digital identity.  The private key to access the ONT ID stays with the user.  This is privacy protection of the highest degree.

The high-performance distributed collaboration blockchain platform is business ready and has, therefore, redefined trust. Buy Ontology with credit cards from anywhere in the world anonymously and instantaneously.  USD (US Dollar), Euro (Euro), JPY (Japanese Yen), RUB (Russian Ruble), AUD (Australian Dollar) are commonly used to buy Ontology.

Ontology recently tweeted:  “Ontology is pleased to announce its partnership with Blocery, a high-end agricultural products/grocery pre-purchase e-commerce platform.”