What If One Day The Price Of Litecoin Will Go Back To All-Time Highs? 2020 Litecoin Summit to be Even Better

By Steven Anderson November 10, 2019 0
litecoin summit 2020

Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin.  Several people have been leaving the Litecoin, and most of them have been preaching that LTC is going to be ZERO. However, there are very few people to tell people what should be done to be prepared.

Another interrogation is what if one day the price of Litecoin will go back to all-time highs?

The Litecoin Summit, 2019, was nothing short of what you may call awesome.  It was an extravaganza in Las Vegas.  Enthusiasts are working to make the 2020 Litecoin Summit even better. Litecoin is being advanced for the good of the society by developing state of the art technologies and promoting them.

One of the tweets called crypto investors stating, “There is no STRONGER Foundation than the @LTCFoundation and no STRONGER Family than the #LitecoinFam! Let’s break away from all the other coins and become THE COIN! #Łitecoin.”

Like other coins, Litecoin is not from a fork; it started with zero pre-mined coins.  Litecoin provided several technical advantages, and it included a different hashing algorithm.

The market conditions for LTC/BTC showed two consecutive higher closes, a close near high period, closed above last period high, bullish breakthrough SMA 100, and up-close near the high of the period.

Litecoin is the peer-to-peer internet currency that will enable near zero-cost payments to many people from across the world.  There are no central authorities to this currency, and it is open source.

Ron Paul, a crypto enthusiast, pulled out a quick survey on Twitter:  “A wealthy person gifts you $10,000. You get to choose in which form you’ll accept the gift. But there’s a catch: You must keep the gift in the form that you choose for ten years without touching it. In which form would you accept the gift?”  About 59% of them preferred to take the gift in Bitcoin.

Nexo Wallet has promoted the adoption of LTC by making Litecoin available as a repayment option in the Instant Crypto Credit Lines.

Bitcoin and Litecoin are evolving to be wealth equalizers.  Altcoins like TCAT Tokens and others have been facing intense price action, and this led to Litecoin establish a broad trading range.  The volatility was positive, and Litecoin has been trading up from their monthly lows.  Further upside for Litecoin is predicted from analysts.  The recent volatility trends for Litecoin have favored a bullish run, and the currency is currently trading up.