Saving In Transaction Fees is Huge Benefit To Families Who Are Sending Money To Children Studying Abroad

By Steven Anderson November 14, 2019 0
XRP transaction fees

XRP is a digital asset built for global payments.  XRP provides for the fastest, lowest cost option for sourcing liquidity in cross-border payments.

The second annual Blockchain in Payments Report confirms that there is improved adoption of blockchain-based payment systems by several financial service providers.  The value and feasibility of the blockchain stay proven, considering the improved adoption of the token.  Regulatory clarity is essential to improve trust.

The price of Ripple might extend the downside correction to $0.2500.   The sell-off on Thursday was $0.2633.  Bearish sentiments have controlled the token.  XRP is vulnerable to further losses.

In partnership with Ripple, BeeTech is set out to change how Brazil connects with the rest of the world, particularly in the process of sending money in this region. 

Liuzzi and BeeTech co-founders, Fernando Pavani and Stefano Milo, created the scalable cross border payment systems in a way to make it possible for customers in Brazil to access payment transfers, credits, and investments with low cost and ease.

Liuzzi recently stated, “We’re not only a remittance platform, but we’re also giving access to financial services and removing frontiers to global payments like onboarding frictions, high transaction costs and a lot of frustration in the process.”

The company has a referral system known as 89 Net Promoter Score (NPS) meant to measure loyalty to the company.  Customers are served well, and they make referrals to their friends, families, and businesses.  At present, 40% of the customers to the company come from referrals.

BeeTech has already become a force in the Brazilian community as a company providing real-time pricing and immediate power transaction settlements.

The efficiency of the settlement has been improved by partnering with Ripple and standardizing the integration process across different rails.

Saving in transaction fees is of enormous benefit to families who are sending money to their children studying abroad and for small businesses whose significant sources of income are from exports.

BeeTech has plans to expand across Europe and the US in 2020.

One of the Tweets read:  “Most people exit #XRP with a loss. Adjust your time frame, and you will come out on top as a wealthy individual.”

Another tweet by Crypto Bull read, “Like and retweet if you would like for Ripple executives to stop dumping #XRP so the price can finally move up.”

Dumping of the XRP has been a long term concern and reason for why the price of the crypto would not go up.