Just Some Random Thoughts About Cryptos (JSRTAC) Episode 1: Crypto Past, Present and Possible Future.

Ayobami Abiola By Ayobami Abiola November 16, 2019 0
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  • The Chinese government has possibly started a wave that may change the world governments and financial economies- What can we expect?
  • McAfee is changing the world’s view about crypto, delivering them from auto seriousness syndrome. 
  • Entry into crypto made easy. What crypto news like The Currency Analytics can do. 

Crypto Recent past and Possible future

Recently the crypto and blockchain space witnessed a bump in price because the Chinese president endorsed blockchain tech. Not long after many other companies began seeing the possibilities of applying blockchain tech to their businesses. The inference I can make to this is that: the blockchain and crypto space is very sensitive to trends and news (which is one basic reason why Sydney Ifergan created The Currency Analytics). 

We may begin to hear about countries (I mean notable ones like China, US, etc.) looking into creating their own national cryptocurrency to assist or complement fiat. And this, in my opinion, is where things will begin to get interesting (smiles). 

  • Crypto as it is, no matter the consensus algo you want to use will prevent double-spending. This will crack down on fake currencies. Since each physical bill created may be designed to have an electronic footprint. Just think about it, even governments themselves may not be able to increase the total amount of money to be generated. 
  • Since governments may not be able to decide on their own to increase the total money (cryptos in this case) in existence, inflation will be curbed. We might be looking at fiats gaining real values against each other and against BTC (yeah you heard me right, BTC may lose a little value in the loooong run- mind the o’s). But sincerely, it will affect governments a lot. 
  • Spending your local fiat out of its jurisdiction will be a major wonder. Since cryptos are not held bound by the border/boundaries you can be able to spend CNY coin in the USA for example. Just imagine actually spending your Country’s local currency no matter the location you are in- dope, right? 
  • Add your own opinion about this matter in the comment section. 😉

Crypto Present with Mcafee

Going on from there, sure you have heard about the all-new Mcafeedex and $WHACKD crypto. Sure you remember the guy who sold his Mcafee Antivirus and made some space jump into investing-he became a god ☺. He created a new decentralized exchange and it is making its wave. TCAT is listed there: https://mcafeedex.com/#TCAT-ETH

He later launched the Whackd airdrop which more than 50,000 people participated. There are a lot of opinions for and against the development. But really, it shows the power of influence cryptos can have, I am sure governments must be looking for a way to cripple it. 

Crypto Past ushering in a new future

The crypto age is moving on in its evolution and revolution. Gone are the days when you have to make multiple movements of fiat with huge fees and waiting time before you can buy crypto. The likes of IndaCoin and Changelly are changing that now. You can now buy crypto of your choice with your credit cards on Indacoin for example at a reasonable fee and less waiting times. It won’t be a surprise if the news platform like The Currency Analytics also takes up the challenge to usher in new adopters. 

Get it? Giving Real news and the opportunity for readers to make quick decisions on the same platform.


Contained here are my personal opinion and speculation which may be right or wrong. Do make your own thorough research before you make decisions on Crypto investments.Do you have any suggestions on what I should comment on next? Feel free to reach me in my mail at [email protected].