Tron Waiting for Clarification from Central Bank of China to Understand DCPE

By Steven Anderson November 17, 2019 0
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TRON foundation tweeted:  “#TRON has started the registration process for the highly anticipated project, the SUNNetwork Developer Challenge. This has urged developers, entities, and organizations exploring the blockchain space to come and participate in the challenge. #TRX.”

A cover image projected the picture of the TRON founder with a ready to fly attitude.  Of late, TRON has been very active in its partnerships to have TRX listed on various crypto exchanges, both in the year 2018 and in the current year.  Despite TRON getting listed in Poloniex, the price did not rise as much.

After a week-long delay, Tron goes live on McAfeeDEX.  McAfee attributed the delay to the developer and tweeted, stating:  “Sorry for the week delay. We have disciplined the developer responsible. We are making him write: “I don’t ever want to waterboarded again” 200 times on the chalkboard:)”

These regulators have previously criticized McAfee for launching the DEX.  He defended his stance by stating, “If bad guys can use technology for bad, good guys can use it for good.”

One of the Bitcoin developers recently stated that TRON might likely outrank Ethereum in less than a year.  He cited the aggressive expansion strategy of TRON to be a significant contributory factor.

Udi Wertheimer, the bitcoin developer, firmly believes that TRON beats Ethereum by several parameters, including transaction speed, business features, and censorship-resistance.

The Weibo account of Tron got banned, and this keeps onlookers wondering whether China has been cracking down on the cryptocurrency. One of the crypto influencers tweeted about how the official Weibo account of Binance was banned.  The regulation related ban did not, however, affect the accounts of Binance CMO Yi He, and Tron founder Justin Sun.

When talking about DCPE, Tron opined that DCPE would be great news if it is available like a currency similar to USDT and USDC on an open-source and open API for all developers. This will likely bring in 1.4 billion people on board with the blockchain, providing them access to crypto-assets and cryptocurrencies.

Tron clarified that they are waiting for demos and press briefings from the Central Bank of China to have a clear understanding of what DCPE is all about.

Sun further opined that since the whole of the cryptocurrency market has gotten rid of the crypto winter that by the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, there will be a start for the next bull run.