$2 Billion Made In Trading Revenue Was Ploughed Back To Business To Create New Products Since 2012

By Maheen Hernandez November 17, 2019 0
Circle Coinbase usdcoin trading

Circle and Coinbase are the people behind the USDC coin.  This is an open-source smart contract-based stable coin.  USD coin (USDC) is an ERC-20 token, which has created the possibilities for making payments, lending, trade finance, and investing.

There is so much to think about today’s technology.  To know what is new in the community, investors can partner up either with Circle or Coinbase, take part in co-marketing initiatives, discussion of partnerships, and more.

There are ERC-20 compatible wallets which accept the USDC. AlphaWallet, Atomic Wallet, BitGo, Citowise, Coinbase wallet, Coinomi, CoolWalletS, Elph, Exodus, imToken, Ledger, Tokenary, Trust Wallet, and Zuex.

Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, stated that he has invested in Poloniex Crypto Exchange. He was previously denying this fact but has now admitted it on November 12, 2019, during a live stream that took place between Tron and Poloniex.  TRON CEO is now one of the investors who have acquired Poloniex from the payment company Circle.

Circle and Coinbase are focused on establishing a standard for fiat currencies on the internet and thus providing for a governance framework and, therefore, a network for global mainstream adoption of several fiat stablecoins.  The CENTRE Consortium was formed as a joint venture to provide for this purpose.  The USDC is completely collateralized US Dollar Stable Coin.

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO donates cryptocurrencies to the poor.  Time Magazine honors the rising stars, thereby shaping the future of the world across various sectors like Business, Technology, Entertainment, Advocacy, and more.

TIME has been running the list of the 100 most influential persons on the world for over a decade under the TIME 100 banner. Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO, was honored by Time Magazine in the inaugural TIME 100 Next List.

Brian Armstrong previously stated that he did not want to get caught into a hype.  With a decrease in speculation, he opines that the market would stabilize.  He also stated that the real place of technology is much more than just linear.  The environment around cryptocurrencies, according to him, is a bubble environment.

Coinbase, a Unicorn company, has made more than $2 billion in trading revenue ever since it was launched. Most of the money was plowed back to business, and new products were created. Crypto could help a lot of people across the world who are underbanked and whom crypto could help.

The USD coin recently traded up 0.4% versus the USD, and now it is trading at $1.01.