Sydney Ifergan joins revolutionary AI-based blockchain telemedicine platform MediLiVes as Senior Advisor.

By TCA PR November 19, 2019 Off

MediLiVes is a breakthrough AI-based blockchain-powered telemedicine platform which is geared to make telemedicine care faster, easier, more accurate and more economical for everybody across the world.

Leading crypto specialist Sydney Ifergan has recently joined innovative AI-based blockchain-powered telemedicine platform MediLiVes in the designation of senior advisor. MediLives is driven by the mission to disrupt the existing telemedicine and healthcare industry by lowering healthcare costs and eliminating the typical obstacles witnessed in conducting algorithmic medical examination. The platform has released its native token, MLIV, which is aimed to facilitate seamless transactions of telemedicine globally.

The MLIV tokens are currently available for purchase through a public sale and public IEO on LAToken Exchange.

Focused on telemedicine solutions, MediLiVes is a ground-breaking initiative extending new generation and unique telemedicine solutions. The company has introduced a breakthrough technology called “Analytical telemedicine system” that is geared to make medical examinations quicker and more economical. MediLiVes is backed by eminent physicians and medical experts who are widely reputed all across the European Union and the World. The company promises easy access to the world’s best doctors, healthcare providers and scientists to every member.

Sydneys Statement:

“I am excited to join MediLiVes as the senior advisor of the company. What’s special about the company is that it’s not just another platform that infuses blockchain with healthcare. Rather MediLiVes represents a great revolution in the contemporary medical and telemedicine industry which will hopefully redefine the way healthcare is perceived today- and for better”

As per the further statements of the crypto veteran, MediLiVes is launched with the vision to resolve varied problems existing in the contemporary healthcare or medical industry. As of now, the company is focused on speeding up the process of medical examinations and also sharing of results with doctors in just seconds.

“MediLiVes’ AI-based system can not only read the medical reports but can even predict future health problems. Based on that, MediLiVes can prescribe the needed medical tests so that you can take the right steps to prevent future health issues and live a long life. MediLiVes is something that we all have been waiting for to make the world a safer place.”

The platform is designed to enable both patients and healthcare professionals to gather, store and harvest major findings from the data of medical examinations. The company has also released a state-of-the-art app recently which is able to spot as many as 20+ irregularities in ECG signals which will eventually make diagnosis faster and more accurate. Being a versatile platform, MediLiVes can help to find abnormalities not only in cardiac reports but also in dietetics, diabetes, chronic illnesses and civilization diseases.

“It’s a matter of great honour for us to have esteemed crypto expert Mr. Sydney Ifergan as our senior advisor. His pioneering vision, immense industry knowledge and expertise will enrich our new blockchain-based crypto platform and enable us to take our MLIV token to the world”, noted a senior spokesperson from MediLiVes.

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