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Crypto expert Sydney Ifergan pins hopes on Global Blockchain Organization- deems GBO as the future

November 22, 2019 Off By TCA PR

Global Blockchain Organization will create a consortium with Corporations, Governments, Blockchain Associations, Blockchain Industry Experts and other related stakeholders who will join hands to shape the future of blockchain to meet the global challenges in Social, Economic and Environmental sphere.

Leading crypto expert Sydney Ifergan recently expressed his confidence and hope about soon-to-launch Global Blockchain Organization. Dubbing the upcoming project as the “future”, the crypto veteran explained GBO as one step forward towards scaling blockchain as the empowering backbone of the world in the coming times.

Officially dubbed as the “Blockchain for Humanity”, Global Blockchain Organization will have its official launch on December 11, 2019, at Oslo, Norway. The unique organization had already had its pre-launch ceremony on November 6, 2019.

Mr. Ifergan has explained GBO as an innovative and much-awaited initiative that will bring together Corporations, Governments, Blockchain Associations, Blockchain Industry Experts and other related stakeholders into one common consortium. Backed by the experts, the consortium will work to shape the future of blockchain through process, universal compliance and regulation.

GBO is founded by Oslo-based ADO (Alternative Development Organization) which is committed to evolving the ADM (Alternative Development Model) and believes that it’s high-time for nations to upscale their development operating system to duly meet the global challenges in Social, Economic and Environmental sphere.

The current development model is an exploitation-based centralized model which revolves around exploitation of environmental and natural resources as well as Human Resources. One of the main reasons why developed countries are failing to make a positive impact today is the existing system is not pro-growth and pro-sustainability.

The visionary behind the Alternative Development Model is Mr. Vibhav Kant Upadhyay, who is widely regarded as the architect of the India-Japan Global Partnership. The strategic relationship between the two countries resulted in many large scale initiatives, including the $100 Billion – Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). DMIC is an example of an ADM initiative, one that ADO and Mr. Upadhyay hope to replicate and scale to many other countries especially the developing ones.   

ADO is proposing a unique model of Global Strategic Partnership led by India, Japan and Norway. Under this model, the collaborative strengths and resources of Global Partners are utilized to empower not just the developed but the developing nations too.

Blockchain is seen as the empowering backbone of the new ADM framework which prescribes comprehensive reassessment and overhaul of development systems, therefore the work taken on by the Global Blockchain Organization becomes all the more significant.

 “There is an urgent need of the emergence of a new humanitarian socio-economic development system based on the ethos of fairness, equality and sustainability. The advanced blockchain system comes here as a wonderful mechanism and opportunity to create a new decentralized empowerment-based democratized model of the new world. But, since blockchain is the new technology, there is lack of awareness and knowledge about blockchain as a concept which is barring massive adoption of the technology around the globe. This is where Global Blockchain Organization comes to the rescue. The entire blockchain world is looking up to GBO to take up the baton to work towards the optimum adoption and usage of blockchain in every sector of society- across the globe .”

The Secretary General of GBO, Mr. Ali Kassab, a multi-award winning entrepreneur with experience in building blockchain-based entrepreneurship ecosystem is currently leading the organization towards success in achieving its unique vision and mission.  He elaborated on the main objectives of GBO:

  • Development of a highly functional Blockchain system
  • Create knowledge based around Blockchain Training and Certification
  • Educate key stakeholders about the developments in the blockchain world and update the public with changes in practice
  • Establish common standards in regulatory, legislative and application processes
  • Model regulations to advise Government and International Bodies on proper usage of Blockchain technologies
  • Create easy networking opportunities between leading entities and industry leaders

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