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Tron CEO Justin Sun With a New Promise again Also Tweets on Off-Chain and On-Chain Transactions

Samsung KeyStore to spread to Scandinavia and Australia by the end of 2019, according to Justin Sun.

Justin Sun tweeted:  “By the end of the year, Samsung will have: Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Denmark,
and Norway.”

Samsung, the Korean Heavyweight, and the integration of Tron Blockchain was announced earlier by Tron.  Now, the CEO is spreading words about how Samsung will be spreading the blockchain to the rest of the European World.

Samsung Galaxy S10 supports Tron-based coins and Tron-based Apps, and it is available in Korea, the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain.”

Sun also tweeted that Off-Chain Transactions is about the movement of value outside the blockchain, and the transaction does not modify the blockchain; however, an on-chain transaction modifies the blockchain.

Huobi Wallet is focusing on gaining a stand as a super representative on the Tron Network.  The Voting process will consist of staking TRX to support the candidacy.  The Campaign will be from December 04, 2019, through December 23, 2019.  Each wallet and the device will be receiving a maximum of 70 USDT in the process. Based on votes, the Huobi Wallet is at number 42.

It is seen that TRON and Huobi are popularizing their positions in the Chinese crypto space.

Several gamers purchased TRON Evolution in a steaming sale, and many of them never played it.  The news is that the serial key would have been expired for those who have not played it from the time they bought it.  This is about legitimate players, and they will not be able to play this game.  The publisher Disney has not purchased it, and it will not be able to authenticate purchases any longer or unlock the copies of the game for its people who have not used it yet. Lesson learned, play the game after purchasing it.

Previously Tim Health, CEO of the Coingaming Group, stated:  “The TRON community is one of the most engaged, forward-thinking and dynamic in the cryptocurrency world. It is also passionate about gaming, so this is a great opportunity to introduce TRX holders to the fun, fast, and fair world of the Coingaming Group brands. We are certain they will enjoy the ride.”

All TRON based assets would be listed for free on Poloniex.  The twitter post from Poloniex Exchange read: “We @Poloniex are considering listing more assets from @PoloniDEX in the future. @PoloniDEX would love to offer a free listing to all #TRON based assets!”

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