Tamara Haasen and Nicolás Javier Arqueros Rojas Made governing Council Members in Cardano

By dan saada December 5, 2019 0
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Cardano Foundations have added two members to improve on their governing process.  Tamara Haasen and Nicolás Javier Arqueros Rojas are the two members who have been newly included in the Governing Council.

During Cardano Rollout in 2020, the Foundation is planning to switch the transfer of its custody of smart contracts.

Nathan Kaiser, Manmeet Singh, and Domino Burki are already members of the Governing Council. According to a publication, “Hassan is also a chief of staff at Input Output HK based in Toronto, and Rojas is a chief technology officer at EMURGO based in New York.”

When talking about the talent that each of the new members is bringing with them, Kaiser stated that Tamara is bringing with her talent in the areas of talent acquisition, systems integration, business development, and growth.  Nicolás is an expert in entrepreneurial engineering, app development, emerging market knowledge, and startup.

Kaiser further stated, “Both Tam and Nico will be key to the progression of Cardano.”

Input-Output HK and EMURGO are part of the Cardano Foundation’s partners, though all of these three are creating a decentralized ecosystem, each of these three units is separate in terms of governance, ownership, and leadership.

Nathan Kaiser, Chairman of Cardano Foundation, when talking about the appointment of these two members, stated that overall the current year has been transformational in terms of the activities related to Cardano Foundation. He reflected on how they were able to build on the collective skill set of their team and how it is contributing in a good way to their growth.  He hopes that 2020 is going to be promising and better.

The price of the ADA started with a recent decline after it was not able to travel past the $0.0420 resistance versus the USD.  The price of ADA is currently below the $0.0400 support area.  A descending channel has been forming with resistance near $0.0375 on the 4-hours chart.  It is expected that this price level will accelerate the losses to $0.0355 and $0.0350 lower support levels.

The Cardano Foundation is working towards a goal of expanding on its highest supervisory body.  The Cardano Foundation has expanded its leadership to 16 locations across 12 countries.  The Foundation is bringing in new talent in significant departments in legal, technical, operative, administrative, and community management roles.

The Cardano Foundation, in an attempt to boost the ecosystem of its Foundation by partnering with COTI, a Fintech Company to create an ADA payment channel.  This will, in turn, be used to boost the ecosystem of the digital currency.