NEM Ventures Progressing with Cyclebit Partnership in the In-Store Online and On-The-Go Buys

By Maheen Hernandez December 6, 2019 0
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NEM (XEM) is showing an Engulfing Candlestick with higher volume providing for a bullish trend.  However, the price range engulfed is that which trended over the past six days. An RSI crossing is noted above the averages.  The Composite Index crossing is above the slow and fast averages.

NEM Ventures have recently invested Cyclebit, which provides for simple, affordable, and robust tools to enable retail customers to accept the cryptocurrency and fiat payments for in-store, online, and on-the-go buys which need a reliable payment system.

Dave Hodgson, director and co-founder of NEM Ventures stated: “Cyclebit is an established player in crypto and fiat payments space, and we are thrilled to make a strategic investment in this project at a time of major growth for the organization. With an existing global presence and the potential to help bring crypto to the mainstream, we are aligned in our vision to bring crypto to mass adoption.”

Cyclebit is focused on bridging the gap between mainstream adoption of digital assets while teaming up with brick-and-mortar retailers and merchants from across the world.  Eventually, providing for (PoS) Point of Sale terminals, which will accept cryptocurrency payments.  There is a crucial gap about traditional businesses that are willing to perform transactions in digital currencies, and this will provide for the current consumer need.

The amount of XEM tokens is fixed, providing for high TPS and, therefore, Zero Inflation.  The electricity and hardware costs are negligible.  Businesses will be able to apply blockchain technology in their processes easily.  The NEM network provides for more than 4000 transactions per second.  The community of developers for NEM is enormous.

LuxTag equity crowdfunding (ECF) campaign is ongoing, Sam Shafie, CEO of pitchIN stated, “The acceptance of Bitcoin and XEM in addition to fiat currency Malaysian Ringgit is an important part of the LuxTag ECF campaign, and we believe that this will set a precedent for other ECF issuers to utilize crypto tokens in their businesses to eventually expand their reach to global contributors.”

Opening Line Inc, one of the Unique Japan-based companies are focusing on the NEM blockchain.  The company also organizes informational and educational seminars for Japanese companies. An introduction to “next-generation core engine code named Catapult and introduces what Opening Line Inc. is striving towards.”

Catapult is the NEM’s next-generation core engine, which has been rebuilt from scratch, thereby inheriting the NEM concept.  The performance and functionality have evolved into a safer and secure to use blockchain system.

Complex aggregate transactions will not be executed in this network, and all related transactions will either succeed or fail.

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