Mild Bull in Stellar Lumens Should Cross a Significant Number

By dan saada December 6, 2019 0
Stellar Lumens

Stellar has caught up on a 1.28% hike over the past 24 hours.  Stellar has been suffering over the past few days and was not able to arrive at price stability.  The token has been through three significant price swings.  The recovery of the token has impacted the XLM coin.

The price of XLM started with 0.054746 USD, and the price scaled as high as 0.055562 USD. Overall the token has been going with the overall market trends.  Ever since the price of the Bitcoin fluctuated recently in the market, the price has been fluctuating with the ebbs and falls of the Giant Trendsetter.

Short-Term analysis of Stellar Lumens is showing a 14% decline in value.  It this pattern should continue to play out, and Stellar Lumens might fall down to touch $0.048.

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is showing a bearish trend.  The short-term outlook for the currency is neutral at 64%; however, in terms of the long-term trends, the currency is 23% bearish.  While Stellar might not be a major token, the inability of the token to come out of its bearish trend works in a negative way for the currency. The token needs to rise to prevent it from falling to worse down price ranges.

Asset Issuance, Decentralized Trading, and Open Participation are the major building blocks of the Stellar Network.

Kapilendo Innovation Lab‏ recently tweeted: “@kapilendo, banking platform for #SMEs starts a #blockchain based bond offering for one of its customers. The bond is built on @StellarOrg, leverages prospectus exemption rules & includes an information sheet approved by the BaFin.”

Stellar Network News tweeted about how they have solutions that are seamless for those who are having to deal with problems in logistics.

A prediction for Stellar Lumen Price is doing the rounds in the internet for 2020, 2025, and 2030.  The kind of drill in the cryptocurrency market is well known.  Sudden moves happen in unexpected directions.  The price settles down, and then it moves sideways before it can consolidate towards its original direction.

Right now, the token is not in its safe zone.  It is trending in its previous support.  The overall market cap is a crucial indicator. If there should be a worse price drop, the price should trend to the worse possible low at $0.051.  The coin is working its way under heavy market pressure. Hopefully, the current uptrend should progress to better price points.  The mild bull should cross a significant number.