Dash Investors Are Receiving their Shares Back Evidence Given for Moocowmoo Payments

By dan saada December 10, 2019 Off

Bold Ideas from the Dash to improve on the lagging performance of Dash.  Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, has come up with a plan to fix the poor performance of Dash when compared to the rest of the cryptocurrency market.  This consists of reducing the proof of work mining reward and further including elements of proof-of-stake.

At the time of reporting the news, the price of DASH was at $51.48.

The underperformance of DASH was mainly due to the incentive structure of the network, which causes the miners to sell a majority of their new coins mined to pay for their bills, eventually putting downward pressure on the price.

There have been rapid market pumps, and miners were not able to spend their increased profits for expanding their operations or purchasing new equipment due to time constraints. Eventually, very less of the supply has been entering the circulation on the exchanges, thereby amplifying the effects related to the price pumps.  When the market crashes happen, a higher percentage from the miner’s revenue is sold on the exchanges. When there is a significant market crash, a higher percentage in miner revenue is traded on the exchanges to cover for the costs, thus suppressing the price further.

Taylor states that these “boom and bust” cycles affect most of the proof-of-work cryptocurrencies, and due to the unique structure of Dash, it is affected even more than other cryptocurrencies. He made a comprehensive presentation about the problems and the solutions to the issue, which includes shifting away from depending on the proof-of-work mining for the purposes of security.

They are working on unstoppable code scenarios to avoid them in transactions.  Evolution from Dash has been described as “decentralized API and basically data infrastructure that allows anyone to create an application that will store the data, the application data, within the Dash network and retrieve that information and interact with the network directly.”

Dash investors who missed their funds are receiving it back again.  The Dash Core Group has been sharing evidence about Moocowmoo payments.  The whereabout of Moocowmoo, Dash ex-Senior Advisor, finally is coming out of hiding. Several people are reporting about receiving their shares back.

Erulian stated, “I’m sorry it turned into such a big drama, but also glad that I finally got my funds back. I’m sure some people in the community pulled some strings to make this happen. Thank you.” However, he did not provide proof of receiving funds due to concerns related to privacy.