THETA Network Empowers the Next Generation Video Delivery Buy THETA with Bitcoin or Ethereum

By Maheen Hernandez December 12, 2019 0
theta network blockchain

THETA Currency traded up by 8.9% versus the USD.  THETA has a market capitalization of $72.57 million and $2.15 million worth in THETA.  THETA can be purchased from cryptocurrency exchanges like Hotbit, WazirX, Fatbtc, and OKex.  THETA has traded up by 11.9% versus the USD.

THETA has been around November 23, 2017.  The overall supply of THETA is at 10,000, 000, 000 tokens, and the circulating supply is at 870, 502, 690 tokens.

THETA cannot be purchased directly; the investors should buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with which they can further purchase THETA.

THETA blockchain provides for the Content Delivery Networks (CDN) with end to end infrastructure for decentralized video streaming and delivery, thereby regulating technical and economical solutions.  The problems in the video streaming industry like low-quality video streaming, high cost of streaming infrastructure, and centralized and inefficient ecosystem are taken care of.

The reach of the videos is reduced due to skips, pauses, and lower quality.  The streaming infrastructure comes with the high cost, and therefore the publishers who invest in the cost of operating the CDN take on the revenue and leave less to leave for the users.  In a centralized system, less revenue comes back to the content creators and therefore results in less innovation.

The video platform partners are Samsung VR, CJ HELLO, MBN, Silver.TV, Pandora.TV, Movie bloc.  The progressive roadmap is now working towards the Power Global Data Content Delivery, including static and dynamic web content scheduled for 2020 per their schedule.

In terms of technical advancements, the THETA blockchain is purpose-built to power the decentralized video delivery network.  Innovations consist of Multi-BFT consensus aggregated signature gossip and resource-based micropayment pool.  The Streaming ecosystem of THETA works as a long-term sustainable incentive mechanism that will motivate all kinds of stakeholders to encourage them to participate in the decentralized video delivery network.  This is the only end to end solution meant for decentralized streaming, thereby providing both technical and economical solutions.

THETA Network continues to empower the next generation of video delivery. 

The Network is open source and open to all developers and partners.  Therefore, content providers can build specialized Dapps for their audience.  Several content variables are ranging from esports, TV, music, and movies for distance learning, and several other peer-to-peer live streaming.

THETA Wallets provide for Keystore, Mnemonic, Private Key, and Hardware.  Increasing numbers of investors are excited to be a part of the next-generation of streaming space, providing for improved video delivery at lower costs.