DigiByte (DGB) All Set to Be Listed on ExMarkets Exchange

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DigiByte exmarkets listing

Designed with the special focus on cybersecurity, DigiByte (DGB) coin is scheduled to be listed on Exmarkets exchange on Tuesday, Dec 17th, 2019. Initially, users will be able to trade DigiByte coins with Bitcoin and Ethereum pairs. Earlier this month, DigiByte (DGB) was delisted from Poloniex following a twitter battle between its founder Jared Tate and Poloniex Exchange.

DigiByte is a UTXO PoW-based blockchain with a special focus on cybersecurity, payments, digiAssets and secure communications technology. DGB is a cryptocurrency/digital asset with a 1000:1 ratio to Bitcoin BTC. The DigiByte Blockchain claims to be the world’s fastest, longest, and most secure UTXO blockchain. It offers five different PoW consensus algorithms to avoid mining centralization. 

It was developed in 2013 and officially released in January 2014 by its creator and founder Jared Tate. Although built on Bitcoin, adjustments in the code allow for upgraded functionality, including improved security, realtime difficulty adjustment and 15-second block time. Its development has included MultiAlgo, DigiShield, Odocrypto, SegWit, and MultiShield. The team behind DigiByte claims that they have never been funded through a presale, ICO or token sale. DigiAssets was developed to let users build on top of the DigiByte to allow the decentralized issuance of tokens, smart contracts, assets, and digital identity.

It’s claimed by DigiByte that they have had 280,000 full node downloads since the year 2017. As of August 2019, 12,000 nodes were supposedly active. The network is distributed by five parallel cryptographic hashing algorithms that play a vital role in securing the network. With DigiSpeed, DigiByte claims to scale on-chain with up to 560 TPS and aims to achieve 280,000 TPS in 2035 with comparatively low fees.

Other crypto exchanges that support DigiByte include but are not limited to ShapeShift, Bittrex, HitBTC, CEX.io, C-CEX, OKEX, KuCoin, Cryptsy Cryptocurrency Settlement, Live Coin, Cryptopia, YObit, Nova Exchange, and of course now EXmarkets.

About ExMarkets Exchange

The Digibyte community seems to be very happy to join ExMarkets Exchange, a new generation cryptocurrency exchange providing deep liquidity and thick orderbooks. Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExMarkets was launched by Chain Framework Ltd in 2018. It allows its users to safely sell and buy digital assets such as digital tokens and digital currencies. They can withdraw and deposit funds to and from their accounts using cryptocurrencies of their own choice.

ExMarkets Trading View

Every crypto exchange has its own trading view. In ExMarkets, there’s no ‘’This Overview is the best’’ view, and users have to determine which trading view bests suits their needs. What the ‘’Trading View’’ normally has is that it shows the order book, order history, and a price of a chart of preferred cryptocurrency. They also have to buy and sell boxes. However, the majority of people using ExMarkets seem to be satisfied with its Trading View.

Trading Fees

The ExMarkets Exchange doesn’t create any distinction between makers (individuals placing the orders) and takers (individuals taking the orders off the orderbook), and charges both of them with a flat fee of 0.12%, which is quite affordable in comparison to other exchanges. It has been observed that exchange charging competitive trading fees have higher withdrawal fees. But this isn’t the case with ExMarkets Exchange. It only charges network fees when users withdraw their crypto assets.

Security and Deposit Methods

When it comes to security, the exchange employs a very robust security system to keep hackers and scammers at bay. The majority of users using ExMarkets seem to be very satisfied with its security measures. The exchange allows wire transfer as a deposit method, however, users can’t deposit through their credit card. Furthermore, wire transfers are only feasible to EUR-deposits.

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