IOTA Releases SPARK A Small Change Wallet versus Strong Security Trinity Wallet

By Steven Anderson December 23, 2019 Off
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Spark, a light version of the IOTA wallet, is released as a web-based solution for wallets with fewer coins


The Trinity Wallet is the mobile and desktop wallet of IOTA.  It provides for safe seed storage with secure encryption for protecting funds.  The Trinity Wallet is for long-term use.  However, the Spark Wallet is a low-security wallet for short-term use.

IOTA Spark Wallet is called Spark – The Everyday Wallet or Burner Wallet.  The version is limited to essential features.  In this version, there is no need to enter a password whenever opening a mobile app.  The Spark Wallet is not useful for transacting large sums of money/IOTA.

This Wallet makes it possible to transact a small amount every time. The Wallet is suitable for going to a bakery, paying for tickets etcetera. To make a transaction, you need not enter a password.  The application is ready to go with the touch of the fingertip.  The QR code is scanned, and the transaction can be authorized immediately.

The idea of a no password wallet is useful because it is costly for a user to type a password for making a small transaction.  The entire application operates through a browser.  There is no need to install the app on a smartphone.  This innovation will drive the mass adoption of IOTA further.


The Spark Wallet does not replace the old Trinity wallet; however, it is supplementary to use IOTA.  It is more comfortable and very convenient for end customers.

The Trinity wallet is known to everyone, and it is popular in the cryptocurrency community.  The ease of use and the visually impressive user interface have made Trinity perform best than any other wallet.   

However, for users to adapt to the new technology, it should be easy to use.  The new Spark Wallet exactly fulfills this requirement.  The Spark Trinity Wallet is at its simplest level in terms of handling.

Spark, being a low-security wallet, is for short-term use. It is a burner wallet.  Transacting small funds and removing the traces of the Wallet afterward.  Some opine this is a throwaway Wallet.  This Wallet is different in terms of creating a wallet for one-time use for IOTA.

The user should choose a password to encrypt the Wallet in the process to restore the seed from the seed vault back up.  The transaction history and the trading price is available in the Wallet. Request for money and payment can is using Spark Wallet.