Giorgi Topuria – CEO and Founder of Kepler Techologies, is Joining the Team of the First Profit-Sharing Exchange Cryptocoin – Decoin.

By TCA PR May 4, 2018 Off
Giorgi Topuria

A newly-established cryptocurrency, titled Decoin (also known as “de coin of de people”), is already making a big buzz around itself by being the first cryptocurrency platform that will share its profits with the coin holders. Such unique feature has naturally attracted the attention of many renowned cryptocurrency specialists, enthusiasts, advisors and followers, including the CEO and founder of Kepler Technologies, Giorgi Topuria.

The inclusion of Giorgi Topuria to the team behind the new cryptocurrency, Decoin, has been recently announced. Mr. Topuria is known as an experienced entrepreneur, with strong passion for cutting-edge technology and innovations.

Giorgi is also well-known for creating the world’s first blockchain-based robotics and start-up incubator company. Moreover, as a graduate from Maastricht University with a degree in Corporate and Commercial Law, Giorgi has a long business record, involving successful investments and funding of many of Georgia’s top start-ups and service companies. Furthermore, Giorgi has been a renowned member of the crypto community since 2014, making him one of the earlier adopters and investors in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. Furthermore, he has deployed numerous solutions for Georgian and international companies in order to provide help with adopting the blockchain technologies in everyday life.

With such strong background and clear vision on all the advantages of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, it is no wonder that Decoin attracted the attention of the entrepreneur Giorgi Topuria. He is expected to bring a beneficial insight to the company and contribute to its further establishment as one of the best cryptocurrencies on the current market.

The team behind Decoin would also like to share further information on the upcoming release of the platform and mention some of its distinguishable advantages that users might be interested in.

First of all, the Pre-ICO sale at $0.6 is available from April 23 to May 20. The end of the ICO and the official release of the coin at a starting price of $0.90 would be available from June 11.

For the clients who will be getting the coin that would mean receiving benefits, such as a guaranteed loyalty reward of a 6.2% average annual increase for all the coin holders. Furthermore, thanks to the well-developed system of Decoin, the clients will remain unaffected of any change that might occur on the financial market.

Clients will still be able to enjoy profits from the daily accumulated volumes and transaction fees. Additional benefit of Decoin is its revolutionary method of allowing the coin holders to receive a direct access to their profits, by using nothing more than a personal D-TEP credit card. Customers who would like to get their questions answered, learn more about Decoin and invest in the cryptocurrency will soon be able to receive support from the company’s multilingual customer service that will provide all the information.

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