Bitrue Offers 14 New XRP Pairs Live From Christmas Lockup Investments and Jackpot

By dan saada December 25, 2019 Off

The Bitrue announcement previously read:  “A small little gift for the #XRPCommunity this Christmas, we have 27 new $XRP pairs coming soon, with 14 of them arriving on December 25, 2019. In total, this brings us up to 77 XRP pairs, all the coins, and listing schedules here.”

Bitrue, Digital Exchange is all set to list 27 XRP pairs on Bitrue.  The first of the deposits and withdrawals for the token were made available from December 23, 2019. The XRP trading on Bitrue is going live from December 25, 2019.  The Listing schedule and the trading date for the different coins are available exhaustively in the Bitrue website.

A total of 77 XRP-based-pairs are available for trading in Bitrue.  The site has been already listing about 50 XRP pairs, and they are planning to add about 14 by Christmas.


Bitrue Launched Lockup Investments on December 24, 2019.  In exchange for investing cryptocurrency coins, investors will be receiving payouts.  To begin using these services, users should have a minimum of 4000 BTR. Every 4 BTR will allow the user to invest an equivalent of 1 USDT, which can continue for up to the permitted Global Cap. 

Investors will not be able to withdraw their funds until the lock-up period has ended.  The maximum cap per person is 100,000 USDT.  The complete terms and conditions of the services are available on the Bitrue website.

The interest rates on XRP, BTR, BTC, USDT, and ETH are 10.20%, 15.00%, 10.20%, 13.00%, and 10.20% respectively.  The lockup period is 30 days.  The global cap is at 4,350,000 for XRP, 1,300,000 for BTR, 30 for BTC, 300,000 for USDT, and 1,700 for ETH.


Bitrue has been running a 12 day Christmas Give-Away with one lucky winner winning a jackpot of Crypto.  The first prize draw began on December 14, 2019, and concludes December 25, 2019.  The official Twitter account announced the details of the one winner per day.  The coin type and the money winnable changes by the day.  The user account gets the prize money within two working days of the announcement of the winner.

The Jackpot of Crypto give-away from Bitrue Ends on Christmas December 25, 2019. The individual user is permitted to win only once.