CENTRALITY (CENNZ) Fake Page on Facebook Warning on Tweet Contributors for 2020

By dan saada December 26, 2019 Off

On December 26, 2019, Centrality (CENNZ) tweeted:  “Hi all, just a reminder to be careful about scammers! There is a fake Centrality page currently pretending to be us on Facebook. The scammers might create multiple fake pages on different platforms. So, please stay safe, be wary, and check URLs.”


Centrality (CENNZ) is a term in the decentralized system, which unites several other startups located in the Centrality ecosystem.  The startups located in the decentralized Centrality System help each other to get new users, services, merchants, and content.  Therefore, providing for faster scaling and rich user experience.  Centrality ideals are focused on being a technology titan by working together.

Aaron, CEO of fintech venture platform Centrality, previously stated, “We believe in creating a world where applications will be able to help each other scale and work together cooperatively.  Think of it as a thousand Zebras, running in a herd against the competition, rather than one Unicorn.”


Jasmy, infinivision, CallaghanInnovation, Lightning Lab, WANDA Group, McDonald’s, and smart associates are a few to name partners.

The advisors of Centrality include Cleaver Partners, Bell Gully, Global Chain Group, MME, Wong Partners, and others.

Centrality has memberships with NZ Tech, Blockchain NZ, FinTechNZ, DigitalIdentity.NZ, Forum New Zealand, New Zealand IoT Alliance, Edmund Hillary Fellowship, Gold Microsoft Partner, and AWS partner network.

CENNZ is not mined but minted and earned.  With more numbers of apps using the Centrality Platform, the market place is growing, and the incentive for joining the community becomes more.  Eventually, the stakeholders will earn fees to join the CENNZ Ecosystem.


Those who contribute to the CENNZnet network, whether with identifying bugs, creating content, building and optimizing content, and using open source tools, earn rewards through the Centrality Bounty Program. Centrality solicits Help for Tech Bounties, Documentation Bounties, Bug Bounty.  Explore documentation and tech bounties and submit Bug bounties.  The rewards program scale anywhere from XS-L depending upon the complexity of the task completed.  The reward will be a DAI stable coin.

Those who contribute are in the Hall of Fame page. Those who are having a question or an idea for bounty can join the SLACK channel. Centrality is always focusing on how to decentralize everything, and contributors are still welcome for a progressive 2020.