OmiseGo (OMG) also available on VCC Exchange Great News for Liquidity Seekers

By Steven Anderson December 27, 2019 Off
OmiseGo omg

OmiseGo (OMG) token claim to be the unstoppable financial infrastructure.  The technology backing the financial infrastructure consists of Developer Portal, Omisego Network, and eWallet Suite.  The project advisors are Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood, co-founders of Ethereum.  Officially they are backed by The Bank of Thailand and the Thai Minister of Finance.

The team empowering the company is in Thailand.  They are similar to stripe.  Jun Hasegawa and Donnie Harinsut back the company in their service capacities of C.E.O. and C.O.O. 

Omisego Great News For Liquidity Seekers 

On December 25, 2019, VCC exchange announced to their users through their official website that three trading pairs are made available for VCC Exchange users who hold OmiseGo (OMG) and also for those who are interested in trading by making use of the digital token.

The trading pairs made available are OMG/BTC, OMG/USDT, and OMG/ETH. 

VCC Exchange tweeted:  “OMG! @omise_go also available on VCC Exchange? Hold our beers! Now you can trade $OMG for $BTC, $USDT, and $ETH.”

Customers from now on will be able to “buy, sell, convert, send, receive, or store the digital currency OmiseGo (OMG).”

Omise Go Mission

OmiseGo envisions to enable people to access financial services safely.  Further, focusing on making digital assets spending and exchange available for customers round the clock.  Easy accessibility is vital for fostering economic growth and improving the lifestyle of people.

OMG. is an ERC-20 token, and they function with a total of 140,245,398 tokens, and they are not going to create any additional tokens in the future.

OmiseGo electronic wallet (eWallet)

The suite further empowers the users to design, integrate front end interface with various digital token transactions.    The primary focus is to facilitate financial inclusion and interoperability using a public decentralized OMG network.    The company has a long merchant list, which includes Siam Cement Group (S.C.G.), McDonalds Thailand, B2S (Books Music Stationary), The Coffee Club, and Burger King Thailand.

Among several others, the partners of the firm are S.B.I. Investment, SMDV, SMBC, Golden Gate Adventures, and Ascend Capital.

OmiseGo focuses on bringing financial solutions to provide for broader adoption of the digital economy facilitated by them.  The company is targeting to provide for mass adoption of the digital currency in countries like India, Southeast Asia, Japan, and China for the unbanked.  Ultimately, they want to establish themselves as a digital payment system for everyday use.